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First Appearance

Episode 276 - The National Archives



The National Archives (aka The Big and Natural Archives) (as shown in Episode 350 - Webcam Fun) was built by Zack Scott, and first featured in Episode 276 of his Minecraft series. The purpose of the building is to display the names of people who have bought Zack Scott T-Shirts on the walls inside.

The National Archives building is located near spawn and the Cemetery. The main building features two fountains, and numerous other decorations on the exterior.

Some of the notable buyers are:

  • 15 - ZackScottMasturbates, who bought a "<3 Mac" T-Shirt.
  • 43 - Mac, who bought a "BAN MAC" T-Shirt.
  • 45 - iWolfyyy, who bought a "WUMB" T-Shirt
  • 55 - TotallyBubbles, who bought a "<3 Mac" T-Shirt
  • 61 - George, who bought a "Zack Scott Games" T-Shirt.

As of the Episode 300 Download, the National Archives have a sign that reads "Big & Natural Archives". Ashley admitted to doing this in Episode 350 when Zack finally discovered the sign.

Before the existence of the National Archives, a skyscraper made by WilWhalen sat on that land. Zack demolished the building since Wil had left the server some time back.

To date, there are 85 signs on the National Archives wall.

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