Zackscott-Evilmacaroon Friendship


Zac, Mack

Intimacy Level

Best Friends, Rivals (Sometimes)

Friendship Started

Episode 44 - Not a Communist

Friendship Status

Best Friends

The friendship between ZackScott and Evilmacaroon is also known as Zac or Mack. Their friendship began before Episode 44 - Not a Communist. The two were seen together for the first time in Episode 45 - Deadly Feud.


They both met through various social media sites. Mac contacted Zack on Twitter and Dailybooth and when Zack started doing Werewolf games on dailybooth, Mac joined in and she was hilarious. Brock then started some privat Werewolf games and Zack wanted to bring Mac in. Mac played for months with them and became friends with them. When Zack started playing Minecraft, he invited her to the server. At first, everyone disliked Mac because she was annoying, but Zack convinced them to give her a chance. Zack and Mac's friendship can also be seen as a playful relationship. They both always make fun of each other, but Mac always has the last laugh. Mac loves to destroy things and everyone kept complaining. Zack then banned Mac as part of an April Fools joke, but brought her back right after the April Fools episode in 2012.


  • Zack and Mac are both friends in real life.
  • Even though Mac treats Zack like a pussy and makes fun of him, they both always remain friends.
  • According to Mac, she saw Zack naked.
  • They both don't like Minorminer69er and have told him that.
  • They are good friends with SwimmingBird941Brettcm82SpintownAshleySmashTheheartben and Griffan.
  • Zack, alongside Adam and Brett, was in a band named after Mac, The Macstreet Boys.
  • They decided to become cousins in Episode 444 - Getting to Know evilmacaroon.
  • They both have cats.
  • Mac was looking for spider videos on YouTube and discoverd the ZackScott channel, according to one of her tweets. She said "I'm excited for your video! Your original spider video was what made me a ZackScott subscriber!! :)".
  • They both sometimes quote Lil' Wayne lyrics.
  • They both like WheezyWaiter, Ke$ha, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.
  • Mac likes Dan Brown, but Zack doesn't.
  • They are both main Scottlanders.
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