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Episode 1 - Total Noob


ashleysmash (spouse)




Moore, Oklahoma


November 3, 1981

"I always make dumb mistakes in this game."
―Zack, (Minecraft - The Walls - Don't Lose Hope!)

ZackScott (Pacing King) is the owner and founder of the Scottland Minecraft server. He frequently recorded events from the server and uploads them to his channel; ZackScottGames.

His channel ( currently has over 4.09MIL subscribers (as of 3.7.20) that used to serve as part of his near-daily Minecraft series viewers.

Zack's playing style involves minimal building mixed with ample pacing. He often fills the role of the host when recording videos as others on the server show their creation and more.

Outside of Minecraft, Zack is known for creating a variety of gaming and non-gaming YouTube videos and engaging in multiple forms of social media, such as a Fun club channel where he posts videos of him, Ashley, and some other scottland members, a channel for his pet videos, and his main channel.

Zack has recently created a public server called Scottland Studios.

Notable Events

Although most videos in Zack's Minecraft series showcase notable events, his role in Scottland's progress is instrumental in a smaller set.


Though criticized for his lack of building, Zack has undertaken many projects. Most of them focus on the spawn area, its immediate surroundings, and the overall infrastructure of Scottland.


  • Zack's first shelter in Scottland was on top of what is now known as the Scottland Welcome Center.
  • Zack does not like croutons, as discussed in Episode 222 - New Boat Docks.
  • Zack does not like cheese on most sandwiches, as discussed in Episode 265 - Cheese and Pumpkins.
  • Alongside Brett and Adam, Zack is part of the Scottland singing group The Macstreet Boys.
  • ZackScott is a big Ke$ha fan.
  • ZackScott is a world class pacer.
  • Zack reveals he is a Zebradickologist in Episode 401 - Purple Zebra Lighthouse.
  • ZackScott's favorite Mortal Kombat character is Stryker.
  • He loves frozen food.
  • Zack lies a lot.
  • Zack was thought to be ScottlandNews on twitter..
  • According to Scottland Podcast Episode 1, Zack hasn't seen his dad since he was two years old.
  • Zack is freaking awesome.
  • Zack can twerk.
  • ZackScott rockclimbing skin was use in an ExplodingTNT video.


  • "What's up my babies?"
  • "What's up home chickens?"
  • "Come on!"
  • "That looks retarded, no offense to retards."
  • "Oh goodness, oh I'm a jerk."
  • "You've gotta be joking kidding me!"
  • "What the crap?!"
  • "I'm Zack Scott! Subscribe if you have not!"
  • "Click the Like Button to give me a 1-up!"
  • "MAC!!!!!"
  • "Son of a lock."
  • "Son of a crap!"
  • "He spend all the work, all the time, blood, sweat, and tears... and semen."
  • "Rozz, I'm drunk."
  • "Who hit me?!"
  • "Be safe and have fun!"
  • "This stage is looooooong, just like my dooooooong."
  • "Come back tomorrow for some more Minecraft!"
  • "Ninja, fix that."
  • "I have kind of a small torso, and long legs, and a big dick..."
  • "Do you think Goofy's dick is black?"
  • "I'm not mad, I'm just freakin' pissed!"
  • "In America that's how it works, cause that's the land of the free and BJs."
  • "Mac you should squat or something so I can fit in."
  • "Boobs, corndogs and vaginas all go very well together. Boobs, corndogs and vaginas mmm mmm mmm eat them all day."
  • "What the fucking shit?! I died in the nether so now I respawn in the nether? What the FUCK?"
  • "WINSTON!"
  • "I got Link all up in my junk."
  • "Freaking finally!"
  • "I am awesome!"
  • "I have God mode on."
  • "I'm a zebradicklogist."
  • "I'm a nice looking girl."
  • "'WOOOAH!"
  • "Let me TP to you"
  • "No! I don't have Big Brother on!"
  • "Griffan, go fight the monsters."
  • "Why?"
  • "Help!"
  • "Am I right Geoffrobro?"
  • "Awwwwww, here kitty kitty kitty!"
  • "Shine bright like a diamond."
  • "If it feels good, do it."
  • "Who the f- Who freaking pushed me in?!"
  • "I hate the Jews!"
  • "I am good at Parkour"


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