Zack's Secret Storeroom
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First Appearance

Episode 248 - Red Line Outpost



Zack's Secret Storeroom is a giant room with several chests, that Zack made to hide many of his valuable items. Zack originally planned to keep the coordinates of the room a secret, however after the Episode 300 Download, Zack revealed how to access the room, as he realized that many of his viewers would find the room in the map download. The room is located in a hill near Zack's old house.

The room is mostly comprised of stone brick, including normal, cracked, and mossy varieties. There are glowstone blocks hanging from the ceiling with fences. There are also many furnaces. There are a total of 40 double chests and 15 furnaces lined up throughout the room.

There is also a Brewing Stand and a Cauldron next to his Crafting Bench, and an area leading downstairs to an Enchanting Table surrounded by Bookshelves.

He wishes to move it, since everyone knows where it is, but it would be a difficult move, which is holding him back.

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