First Appearance:

Episode 387 - Wolves United



Invited By:


Wolfsorrrow is an Irish player on Scottland Minecraft server. He was invited alongside iWolfyyy into the server by ZackScott. Wolfsorrow was nicknamed "Wolf" since he was ten, more recently due to his five wolf tattoos.

Before joining Scottland, he played on the ThugggNoid Minecraft server for the first few weeks it was launched. He previously made videos before, but due to circumstances and severe editing burn out he quit for a couple of months until Valentines Day 2012 with encouragement from his girlfriend Cassie.

Since he's the only Irish on the server, Zack tried to get him on the St. Patrick's day episode but he spent the holiday drinking. He instead called forth the British.

He built a small farm house on an island on Scottland behind Ashley's Skull House near spawn, and in Nova, his large Nova home/fortress impressed Zack for its massive size.

He also built a giant library with OrianthiSorrow, they were both repeatedly harassed by Oli but Wolf was too intimating for Oli to ever actually confront him. He claimed that iWolfyyy was the dog in the family.

After being seduced by The Walls, Wolf apperantly began playing every day with Spintown and MercKing92 with them being an unstoppable team according to MercKing. Spintown posted on the bulletin board claiming that Wolfsorrow was jealous of his K/D ration on The Walls.

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