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ZackScott and ashleysmash

WilWhalen was a veteran player who does not appear often. He will only join again if Zack restarts the server. He knows how to find the big caves, according to episode 79, leading to this LOL Replay. He built Sky Castle, a large, sprawling cobblestone structure directly outside of spawn. It's walkway spanned from spawn to Samland and has exits to many other locations on the way. After his long absence it was revamped by ashleysmash and no longer resembles a castle. Wilwhalen also built a corporate office building that was later demolished to make room for the National Archives. A monster spawner he found was demolished to make way for Mac's Evil Lair.

Wil is very artistic, as seen on his YouTube page of him and a friend painting in a 6-part series. Part One seen here.

Wil finally returned at the end of Episode 352, on January 6th, 2012. Zack records a day earlier so Wil was in minecraft on the 5th. Wil's skin is still the Minecraft default skin.

2012-01-01 01.03.39

The Skyscraper that was demolished, along with a flaming penis.

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