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Episode 56 - Clark's Castle

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TwoFace240 (aka George) is a British member of Scottland. He is most known for his buildings including his gym and art museum, as well as a fondness for chickens. His frequently used persona is a chicken and he has several chicken skins, a basic one, Business Chicken (a responsible and grown up chicken in a suit), and a kilt, his official Scottland national costume. He constructed chicken coops at the homes of some of his friends on the server, and would lure them inside for the mysterious ritual of "cooping". This produced at least one set of chicks with another server member. He has cooped with several other players, as shown in his own videos. He is close friends with fellow Brits LDShadowLady and Olirulz_747, with him frequently appearing in their videos.

In an episode of Spintown's Dig Racing, George revealed that he got on the server by being a fanboy. He was a viewer of ZackScott and ZackScottGames and followed Zack on DailyBooth, through the comments on the posts he got acquainted with Ashley who eventually offered him to join Scottland. George showed his gratitude to Ashley during a Drunk George escapade repeatedly saying "Ohh, thank you Ashley for letting me on the server."

He's also known for the "Drunk George" videos where, obviously, he's drunk.

As of September 30th, 2018 George either deleted or privated all his videos on his channel. No explanation was given.

Stalking Them

  • George is one of five current members of Scottland that are British. The others are LDShadowLady, Olirulz_747,  crazykickasskate, antyanthony (past British players include Lockerz12, and pippyholt).
  • Has a YouTube channel where he plays various games, including Happy Wheels.
  • He showed "attraction" to Kate in Episode 343 "Kate's Maze". Zack: *discovers white substance* "Oh, George how long have you been here?" George: "Well, there was a picture of Kate and thats all I needed."
  • George was sent a package from Zack and Ashley Scott containing lots of "American" food. The package contained twinkies and Hot Tamales, among other american junk food.
  • His first known appearance is in Episode 78 - British Talk.
  • He has had two episodes named after him. Drunk George (154), and Drunk George again (174). These are two episodes where George has managed to get onto Minecraft drunk, with funny results.
  • It is said to have a fan fiction of him and Olirulz_747 In the Yaoi fashon.


  • George and LDShadowlady are frequently seen together. They have met in real life.
  • George and Lockerz are close friends, online as well as in real life. For a certain period of time they were also neighbors. Lockerz was also dating George's sister at one stage, but we haven't heard if the relationship is still on.
  • George and Crazykickasskate are close friends. We have recently discovered he might have an affection towards her. Talk about love bird.
  • George and Champine had a small love affair when she had first joined. George had even built a chicken coop in her area. This ended after she found out George and LDShadowlady in a chicken coop he had built in the Shadowlands. She then vandalized his home.


  • "Tally-ho!"
  • "What's up my bottles?"
  • "What's up my whiskey drinkers?"
  • "That's qjefv"
  • "helieroris"


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