Female, Possibly Male



First Appearance

Episode 347 - Werewolf Game 7

Final Appearance

Episode 901 - Lauren Blows Up Scottland

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evilmacaroon? or brettcm82?

Trololinda (aka Lauren or Lolinda), previously known as Loganschill, was first introduced in Minecraft - Episode 347 - Werewolf Game 7.

Lauren is to date the only member of Scottland that dislikes Minecraft and most of the other players. She was convinced to join Scottland by her girlfriend Mac in order to play Werewolf while drunk. She spent most of her debut breaking things inside the town hall and hitting other players. Lauren/Logan's former skin looked like a Creeper dressed like Temple Grandin. At the end of the Werewolf video, she said she was confused on what has happened.

It turned out in the end that she was a man the whole time and catfished the Scottlanders. Soon after it was found out, she disappeared off of the internet, deleting all of he social network accounts.

The players jokingly called her "The New Rozz".

Adam called Lauren "Scottland's Lovable Drunken Retard" in her debut episode.

She used to used her brother's minecraft account, Loganschill, but got her own account named Trololinda eventually.

Her youtube is It was accidentally deleted after she tried to delete an email connected with the account.


  • In a livestream it was revealed that the Scottlanders were catfished, and that she was really a man all along.
  • Her real name is Lauren, but Brett dubbed her Lolinda and the name has stuck. Brett then made the very popular phrase, "Where's Lauren?". T-Shirts sold here.
  • Lolinda comes from Brett misreading her name as such. It was actually Lolinalldaway.
  • Lolinda attempted to usurp the judge's position in her first Werewolf game and changed the name on the podium to "jusde lolinds".
  • In Episode 364, she expressed feelings for moesboy.
  • Loganschill has something weird hidden in her basement of Nova Scottia. This is revealed in Episode 369 - Chinese New Year. It has been changed as of Episode 375 - Cemetery Update.
  • Her Skype picture shows her wearing a bikini. This bikini is implemented into the one year anniversary Skrillex statue in Central Scottland.
  • She is a real BADASS
  • She gave away her house in nova and now lives in the basement


  • "DONOR go in here."
  • "You can get out of anything with a good BJ."
  • "jusde lolinds."
  • Are you retarded? 'Catch a fish.

Lauren's fan made skins

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