Tower of Enlightenment
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First Appearance:

Episode 391 - Tower of Enlightenment



The Tower of Enlightment is a mini-adventure map that was made by Adam. It was created for the purpose of seeing how well Zack could do an adventure map and the growth of a person. Zack didn't do very well.

The exterior of the map is a giant Buddha and eponymous tower. At the top of the tower, the player is asked whether or not they think are a good person. If the player chooses yes, golden apples will shoot out of the Buddha's mouth. The player will ultimately have to choose no to continue on the adventure. The player will be dropped down into a pool of water and have to make their way through the caves with minimal lighting and lots of mobs. At the end of the map the player is rewarded with 8 gold nuggets, 1 apple, and a crafting table, allowing the player to make a golden apple. The point of the adventure is that the player earned the golden apple at the end, and the other golden apples were given to them.

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