This Land is LDShadowLady's private Minecraft server. The server was given a brief tour on Foreign Lands episode 6 and on Episode 198 of ZackScott's Minecraft videos. Lizzie is paying for the server on her own, and manages it mostly herself, sometimes with the technical help of Fluffy.


Lizzie previously hosted a server, that was destroyed by Pippyholt. Many of the Olde users have been brought to This Land, and get along well with the new citizens, which consist of contest winners and others who have gradually been added along the way. This Land was griefed by a group of players named ProjectXCode on Christmas, 2011, however Lizzie reverted all damage done to the server. ProjectXCode has since apologized for their actions.

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Beginning of This Land

Lizzie held a building contest to gain new citizens for her brand new server. It was a building contest, and there were quite a few winners. After establishing a main town, beach area, market, pirate ship (or spawn), and lighthouse, Lizzie decided the name of the map should be "This Land". This is a reference to Joss Whedon's Firefly, a sci-fi/western television show. The title was officially established on the night of May 7th-May 8th, which was the night that the public areas were first heavily created. The members then set out onto their own creations and settlements. Rumour is that a detailed server history, in Beth's eyes, with ryhmes, is located deep in a dark basement inside a hidden village.

Popular Attractions

There are many popular attractions in This Land, such as Beth (or prettymyway)'s Giant Chicken and Baby Chicks, as well as other animals and cutesies, Kerryn's Evil Sex Dungeon, Fluffy's townes, such as Rosebourne, Public Areas, the Magical Sheep-Spawning Tree, and many other builds.


The main community areas are commonly referred to as Spawn. When you type /spawn, you teleport to the top of the Pirate Ship's upper deck. You used to teleport to the inside of the cabin, but spawn protection sometimes locked the doors. You exit the ship onto the boardwalk, in which there is access to The Voxeltrain Balloon (Balloon and Train both functioning with the use of VoxelPort, a transportational teleporting plugin), The Forest Bridge, the user beach towels, the Lighthouse, the (Vanilla) Train Station (with the use of minecarts), The Recycling Centre, The McBrothel, the Magical Sheep-Spawning Tree, the Market, the Bulletinboard, and various other builds. This area was primarily built by Lizzie, along with certain projects of Fluffy's, and the generous help of other members.

Beth's Area

Beth's Area

Beth's area with a small snow cover, that's beginning to melt, and the giant cake.

Beth's area is a fan-favourite, consisting of various large animals made from coloured wool. Beth started out with the giant chicken, and later moved on to a row of miniature birds, some named after server members and some completely fictional. After that came the mouse, the UFO, the turkey, Frogger replica and Jump Courses, the Unicorn, and finally, the Derpy Turtle. The giant chicken is by far the most complex build, as you enter through a ladder in either leg, into the chicken's lower bowels. That area consists of many signs and random nonsense, including a stray piece of brown wool. It is unknown if this is a tumour of the large intestine, or a stray dropping that just never made it. If you continue up the stairs, you will find a large library, consisting of many innapropriate magazines. There is also a small seating area, and a platform with a bed located on this level. And finally, if you continue up the stairs, you will find a small lookout point, through the chickens eyes. There is a myth that Sam has once brutally injured himself, trying to creep on Beth through the windows, but has failed miserably.

Beth has started a trend, since the beginning of This Land, to leave humorous signs throughout other people's builds. This has become quite popular in a fast amount of time, to the point where everyone's homes were cluttered with signs, to the point where nobody could continue. When prudent, signs are still left on other's creations, just not as often.


Beth's area was once mysteriously transformed into a magnificent area, with cake on every available surface. A large cake was made out of wool, and covered with normal cakes ontop. Other decourations included cakes ontop of lamps, beaks of the birds, the unicorn's horn, along with many more areas.



  • LDShadowLady - Lizzie
  • prettymyway - Beth
  • will146 - Will
  • guth75 - Fluffy
  • kazuto_azuma - Kazu
  • tuyaUK - Kerryn
  • qordy - Gordy
  • olirulz_747 - Oli
  • IronOre124 - Evan

A few members pop in from Creeper Union and Scottland.

(More detailed list in the future)

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