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Wandering the land of Scottland.

The Old Man Hooker. She's known for walking around Scottland visiting all the towns like the Shadowlands and Spintown. She waits on the streets charging 3 diamonds for a night you'll never forget. She wears a bright red bikini and her vagina is filled with STDs. She has had 2 breast implants. Watch it though! She tends to have some bad gas while having sex. She can give you an amazing night but she'll have to charge. It is well worth the price. If you are not satisfied with her package and want your money back, you can't have it. No refunds. Being a hooker is how she is able to pay her bills in Scottland. She has the largest vagina in Scottland, she and Evilmacaroon go great together. If she offers you extra sex for free and if you deny it she will go into your house and rape your cobblestone. If you don't have any cobblestone then she will eat your dick. She is a sexy beast and it is hard to not to ignore her.

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