The Week of SwimmingBird941 was a schedule that was proposed by ZackScott on Episode 390. Adam would have an entire week, from Episode 393 through Episode 399 of his creations for the episode 400 download would would probably be in a week's time; the 25th. Adam was promised a week and also a showcase episode for those seven days leading up to the 400 download. All of the creation were said to be in either Scottland or Nova Scottia.

Episode 393 - Mr. Puss's Wild Ride

On February 18th, 2012, ZackScott published a video on his Season 2 Minecraft Series talking about and showcasing Adam's county in Scottland. He had created a new village within the governing areas around. He had said that the villages in Minecraft were to boring and lame, and created a new type of village. It was a amusement-type of park that was proposed. Around the locations, it included restaurants, a small and crammed bed and beach, and also many other institutes. The currency in the village were Zombie Flesh and were used through out the episode in various places. Towards the end of the short video, Zack was seen under a lava pool, that was above him. Someone flicked the 'dump' switch and lava poured onto the magnificent lilipad work below. But of course, the central power station was built out of wool and quickly burst into flames

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