The Steaming Dumpling
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First Appearance:

Episode 337 - Hot Springs



The Steaming Dumpling is a natural-looking hot springs resort built by SwimmingBird941, which was featured in episode 337 Hot Springs (Live Recording), and in the video "Hot Springs Surprise" on SwimmingBird's channel. The inside is covered in snow, left by the immigrant workers he hired to make the building. Steam rises from each bath, due to the Netherrack burning underneath, and a "Gods Only" lava bath is available for those who can stand the intense heat of true luxury. The property has received several lawsuits from workers who have fallen in and been seriously burned.

There is also a secret pub for wolves underneath called The Slaughtered Lamb , which features all the luxuries required for the discerning gentlehound, including a buffet, a poker table, and a sapling bathroom.The pub explains why there has been a major lack of wolves seen around ScottLand.

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Luxury Bath (Gods Only)


The spring was originally to be located near the Pagoda that Ashley built.

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Inside The Steaming Dumpling

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