General Hospital







Scottland General Hospital is the new building featured in Episode 462, It was built by Mac and Adam , with the paintings being furnished by Spinmart . Most of the hospitals cases are from when the ambulance hits citizens of Scottland. Mac is the lead (and only) doctor in the hospital. Until 'Scottland General' when it is revealed that another doctor named Dr. Scott doesn't have a license.

There are 7 floors in a;l. Each has another purpose. The first floor (the ground floor) has the front desk, waiting area, and patio. Floor 2 is the 'Miner' injuries floor, also containing storage and bathrooms. Floor 3 is the Emergerency Room/Lab. The floors after that, in order, are the: the Cancer Ward, Amputee Ward, and the Offices. After that, the last floor (Floor 7) is Dr. Mac's office. 

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Dynmap view of the hospital.

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