The Slaughtered Lamb
Wolves Playing Poker





First Appearance:

Episode 354 - Secret Wolf Den



The Slaughtered Lamb is one of the numerous food and drink establishments throughout Scottland, with one key difference; it is designed for wolves and canines of taste. It can be found underneath The Steaming Dumpling. It is featured in episode 354.

It features many of the aspects of a regular bar, such as a low ceiling, jazz music, and customers who stare at anyone who dares walk in. It has a buffet composed by a Michelin Star chef (Fido) consisting of Bones, Raw Chicken and Steak Tartare and an a la carte menu where more discerning patrons can order "cat poop" made to order and can swap pre-licked cat poop for bones.

It contains some of the finest gaming tables in Swimmingbird941's area of Scottland where lively games of Dog Poker are held, with a modest buy in of about four bones (subject to change) and a big screen television on which the patrons can enjoy Donkey Kong 24 hours a day. It is tastefully decorated, with dim Redstone lighting and Red walls (although because it was designed by dogs it's probably supposed to be red and green).

The overall impression left by the Slaughtered Lamb is favorable, but the pièce de résistance is the bathroom area where customers can scent mark a real tree whilst retaining the comfort awarded by an indoor toilet. One dog is called Billy Ringrose.

Photos of inside The Slaughtered Lamb:


  • A large portion of this establishment is a reference to a series of oil paintings collectively called "Dogs Playing Poker".
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