The Pokey (Jail)
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The cells





First Appearance

Episode 296 - Clocktower and Jail



The Jail, other wise known as The Pokey, has been around since the 1.0 update, and has hosted many criminals including Spintown, Evilmacaroon, and even Zack Scott (who was there to film while Mac was imprisoned). The sheriff of the Jail is Ashley. She rapes the criminals in order for them to get in line. In the 300 Map Download, there is a chest in one of the shower heads containing Duped items including Diamond Blocks and TNT. The Pokey was really put to use in Episode 304 STOP MAC!, in which Mac hung herself, then escaped the Jail.

During the New Year livestream, The Pokey was blown up when Zack pulled the lever to make Beiber's balls drop to start the New Year.

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