Obsidian Jail
2012-01-10 19.23.18
The Jail in the 200 Download


Destroyed by regeneration of land


X:9055,Y:74,Z:9002 (200 Download)

First Appearance:

Episode 51 - Revenge!



The Obsidian Jail is a box of obsidian 3 blocks thick and 5 blocks high. Zack made the Obsidian Jail as revenge for Brock and Rozz flooding the spiral staircase in the Scott Mining Corporate Headquarters (episode 50 - The Great Flood). Zack reset their homes into the jail, gave them god mode, and disabled all of the other commands. Zack convinced Brock to teleport there using the /home command, then Brock helped Zack convince Rozz to teleport inside the jail, which Zack seemed to find funny.

Inside the jail was a 4x4 pocket that was flooded with water. Zack provided them with 2 diamond pickaxes in a chest, but Brock took both of them. Since they had their own materials, they decided to dig upwards and build with dirt to escape, after displacing all of the water.

Brock and Rozz were either unaware that they were given god mode, or didn't know that having god mode protected you from fall damage, so instead of jumping they decided to build a walkway to jump into the ocean, which was about 85 blocks away.

Zack built a viewing platform not too far away from the jail, where he and Ashley could watch their progress, but he ended up teleporting to them and watching up close. He had also teleported evilmacaroon there because she asked.

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