The Missing Scottland Episodes

Prior to 2020, ZackScott had done a good job in preserving all Scottland episodes despite their age. With the exception of Episodes 611 and 691, which are lost, and Episode 177, which was privated without reason, all Scottland episodes were available for viewing in Zack's Season Playlists or BlueFishPieIsAwesome's Scottland Complete Series Playlist. However, following a series of YouTube personalities getting cancelled in 2020 for homophobic and racist comments they had made in the past, Zack went through the Scottland series and began to private videos which contained racial content or inappropriate content which contrasted his child friendly audience that he now had. The Mass Privating of 2020 primarily affected Season 2 of Scottland. Zack either did this to save face or protect those that had appeared in his videos and made comments that no longer represent who they are.

Episode 144 - Pixel Mushrooms

Episode 144 had Zack visit Champine's enclosed area for the second time in the series. The episode had Zack be shown Champine's Pixel Art on her walls, primarily the newly built 1-Up Mario mushroom. After seeing this, Zack told the audience to give him a 1-Up. The episode also served as another tour of Champine's area. Zack briefly entered George's Chicken Coop that he built in Champine's area, with the implied relationship only briefly mentioned. It is unknown why this episode was privated.

Episode 177 - High Chair Saloon

Episode 177 was the only episode privated prior to Zack's mass privating in 2020. This episode also marked the only tour given my mmp2011 (no Skype) and was also the only proper appearance of her area, never to be featured properly after this episode. The main showcase of this video was Michaela's Bedrock Lounge, with Zack commenting on the high chairs of the saloon. This was a direct continuation of Episode 176, therefore it also featured NinjaMarion. It is unknown why this episode was privated.

Episode 202 - "I See Mac Visited"

Episode 202 had Zack visit JustinMcDonaldDP's home for the first time. The episode had Justin give Zack a tour of his area for the majority of the episode, showing off his home and its various rooms, Ashley and Mac being on the call but not Justin. Near the end of the episode it was revealed that Mac had placed countless of TNT in Justin's area and had set it off, leading Justin to type the line "I see Mac visited." Mac then proceeded to beg Ashley (who at the time was an admin) to ban Justin, after offering nude labor, Ashley banned Justin. The episode ended with Ashley and Mac singing and Zack reassuring the audience that he would fix Justin's situation. Parts of this episode survive in an LOL Replay and in Minecraft Funny Montage #2. This episode may have been privated due to comments made by Mac or the portrayal of Ashley being negative.

Episode 203 - Werewolf Game 3

Episode 203 featured the third Werewolf Game and had Rozz as the Judge. The players featured in this episode were "ZackScott, NinjaMarion, Spintown, crazykickasskate, bNoid, evilmacaroon, ashleysmash, LDShadowLady, NescobarALopLop, and petercoffin." The episode ended after the villagers once again lost to the Werewolf, and Rozz asking the players if he was a good judge.This episode may have been privated due to it being the first appearance of the running joke "Spintown rape me" by Mac.

Episode 208 - Removing Cult Symbols

Episode 208 followed Zack, doing a solo video, going around destroying Cult Symbols of the newly formed Kult. The locations of all the cult symbols are detailed in the Wikipedia page for the Cult Symbols.The process of putting up the cult symbols, from the POV of Kate, can be found here. It is unknown why this episode was privated, it might be due to the controversial nature of cults, going against Zack's kid friendly nature.

Episode 221 - Girl Problems 2

Episode 221 is the sequel to Episode 212 - Girl Problems and featured once again Zack, Ashley, Mac, and Jenny, later Wil. This episode featured Zack, drunk, going around Scottland getting attacked by the girls. Jenny's wolves kill Zack, and Mac orders Ashley to repeatedly "/burn" Zack. This episode was also the first appearance of Jenny's Falling Water House. Thankfully, many bits of this episode survive in Minecraft Funny Montage #3. This episode was possibly privated due to Zack being featured drunk.

Episode 224 - Penises and Jesus

Episode 224 featured the Scottland Docks being griefed into Scottland Cocks. The episode featured Ashley, Mac, Jenny, and Hippid showcasing the many penises they had built on the Scottland Dock area. A portion of this episode has been salvaged through the LOL REPLAY - Scottland Cocks and a small clip featured in Minecraft Funny Montage #3. This episode was possibly privated due to its prominent appearance of male genitalia.

Episode 228 - Mac's Evil Lair Tour

Episode 228 featured Mac giving the first proper tour of Mac's Evil Lair to Zack and Ashley. Snip-bits of this episode survive in Minecraft Funny Montage #3 where Zack is surprised by Mac's TNT hoard and Mac shutting a door in Zack's face. Not much is known about episode but it was possibly privated due to inappropriate comments from Mac's part.

Episode 232 - New Batcave Under Construction

Episode 232 also has scarce information. This episode most likely featured Samuel building a Batcave near Sam City for Scottland's Bat Knight games. The episode being named "New Batcave" would be a reference to the more well known Batcave of Industrial which was torn down. This episode was possibly privated due to inappropriate comments from Mac's part who probably appeared due to her friendship with Samuel.

Episode 238 - Three Cool Things

Episode 238 had Zack gift the audience with a video featuring three cool things. One of the cool things featured in this episode was Peter Coffin's Monster Spawner. Aside from the fact that Spintown appeared in the episode not much other info is known about this episode. Thus, it is unknown why this episode was privated.

Episode 240 - Giant Mushrooms

Episode 240 featured Zack utilizing the brand new Giant Mushrooms of the 1.8 Update. This episode was part of the Prank War between Zack and Clark. Zack used the mushrooms Clark had filled his home with to grow giant mushrooms on Clark's House, as advised by Mac. Two small portions of this episode has survived in Minecraft Funny Montage #3. This episode was possibly privated due to comments made towards Tallman by Mac (as well as other comments) been seen as too offensive by Zack.

Episode 242 - I'm a Mac

Episode 242 featured Zack playing on Mac's account, as he went around the server trying to act like her. Zack's primary target was Tallman, as he killed him and tried to trash talk him, much to the disappointment of Mac. A small portion of this episode survives in Minecraft Funny Montage #3. This episode may have been privated due to comments by Mac made towards Tallman been seen as too offensive by Zack.

Episode 243 - Huge Mineshaft

Episode 243 featured a rare Season 2 appearance of Clark, not in a Prank War episode, instead exploring a huge mineshaft with Zack and Mac. This episode would also mark the last consistent appearance of Clark in the entire Scottland series, with him only making 4 appearances after. This episode may have been privated due to comments by Mac made towards Zack, getting irritated at him throughout the episode, been seen as too offensive, as well as other comments.

Episode 244 - Spawn Redecorating and Mushroom House

Episode 244 featured the first appearance of Jenny's Mushroom House. This episode once again featured Zack, Ashley, Mac, and Jenny. In this episode Jenny mentioned wanting to integrate Melons into the Mushroom Houses, Zack then suggested connecting the mushrooms with red wool. Not much info is known on this episode so it is unknown why it was privated.

Episode 245 - Meow

Episode 245 followed Zack running away from Mac, wearing the BlackScott skin, screaming "Meow!" The episode also featured Ashley and Peter Coffin, as Zack detailed the plans for the National Archive as he demolished Wil's Sky Scraper. Avoiding Mac's Black Face, Zack ends up in Ashley's Skull Home where he is once again jump scared by Mac. Portions of this episode have survived in Minecraft Funny Montage #3. This episode was most likely privated due to the offensive nature of the Black Scott skin.

Episode 249 - New Fairgrounds Site

Episode 249 followed Mac showing off the plans for the Oklahomac State Fair to Zack and Ashley. The episode primarily centered around the fenced area for the future fair with Mac detailing plans for future rides and Zack talking about his experience in the real fair. Zack and Mac eventually sidetrack and get stuck in, at the time new player, Chris Moes' castle. It is there where Mac begins to "Meow!" at Zack once again, having worn the BlackScott skin the whole episode. Part of this episode survives in Minecraft Funny Montage #3. This episode was most likely privated due to the offensive nature of the Black Scott skin.

Episode 251 - Chasing Tallman

Episode 251 followed Zack tormenting Tallman by constantly having Mac teleported to him. The episode began with Zack finding Tallman AFK in the Coffinshire Monster Spawner, after Mac politely asks to be teleported to Tallman she kills him. This continues as Zack and Mac chase Tallman all over Scottland. Tallman eventually gives up and logs off, much to the dismay of Mac. A small part of this episode survives in Minecraft Funny Montage #3. Zack may have privated this video due to comments made towards Tallman by Mac, or because it made him appear as mean.

Episode 252 - MelonShroom House

Episode 252 showed the updates to Jenny's Mushroom House (now the MelonShroom House) as she took the advice of Zack and also implemented the melons. The episode serves as a proper tour of the MelonShroom House and would also mark its last appearance until their brief mention in Minecraft - Falling Water House. Not much info is known on this episode, it is unknown why it was privated.

Episode 266 - Underwater Oxygen Exploit

Episode 266 had Zack show his audience an exploit he had read on Reddit. The episode had Zack excitedly show his viewers an exploit that would allow players to gain oxygen underwater. Zack went into the lake in front of Sky Castle and submerge himself underwater. Zack then proceeded to place a torch next to a 2-block vertical structure which would grant him temporary oxygen before disappearing (this exploit has since been fixed). It is unknown why this episode was privated.

Episode 267 - Literally Nothing Happens

Episode 267 was the third part in the three part "Nothing Happens" series of Zack, Brock, and Jonathuggg. Brock was meant to do the first part, Jonathuggg had the second part, and Zack had the final part of the series, as a promotion for all their channels. The video had Zack primarily going in and out of Brock's Arena while chatting with the mentioned players, also including Ashley. With Brock's video being lost forever and Zack's video now private, the only remaining part of this series is Jonathuggg's second part, which is relegated to the Minecraft menu for half the episode after the Cobble Bitch made him crash. It is unknown why this video was privated, though Zack and other party members being drunk might have made Zack choose to private it.

Episode 279 - Four Elements of Death

Episode 279 had Hippid invite Zack, Mac, Kate, Mmp, and Robert to see her brand new rollercoaster she had built. The Four Elements of Death was a fast paced rollercoaster that utilized the elements Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. After seeing the ride, Hippid took the group to her observation tower which led Zack to see how close Hippid's area was to his home. Hippid then gifted all the visitors cookies, wanting to get a handful, Zack begun attacking Hippid which caused Kate to kill Zack. Zack returned and tried to kill a GodMode'd Kate, which failed, and then succesfully killed Hippid by destroying the glass beneath her; only to have Robert destroy the glass beneath him. Mac proceeded to call Zack a sissy girl after screaming, which Zack refuted by saying he was a manly girl. This episode survives in two LOL Replays them being:(Cookies/Manly Girl) and Minecraft Funny Montage #2. This episode may have been privated due to inappropiate comments made by Hippid or Mac, or possibly suggestive comments Zack made towards Mmp and Tallman's relationship being seen as too inappropiate.

Episode 286 - thuggg-Noid Server

Episode 286 featured Zack's first visit to the thuggg-Noid server. The episode had Zack join the Noid side of the server and join them in mining and exploring. This episode featured players such as Padennn, Wolfsorrow, Rachcat4, muicey, and notesec. The Noid's filled in Zack on their plan to create a base with the false pretense of treasure (instead filled with lava) to trick the Thuggg's during the base raids. Parts of Zack's video have survived due to them being featured in Notesec's video on the experience. It is unknown why this video has been privated.

Episode 289 - Turkey

Episode 289 showed Mac's second Seasonal Build, that being a Jeff the Turkey. The episode had Mac detail the build process along with her scrapped plans of building a Native American. It was also revealed the Brett filled the Turkey head with chickens. It is unknown why this episode is privated, but possible derogatory comments towards Native Americans are a possibility.

Episode 302 - Happy Birthday Mac!

Episode 302 was one of the many Birthday episodes, this one in particular being for Mac. The episode had Zack, Ashley, Adam, Spin, Hippid, and Brock wish Mac a happy birthday by gifting her a giant purple present. When blown up, it revealed a Black Penis with Brock safely tucked in between the balls of the Obsidian Penis. The major part of this episode has survived in Minecraft Funny Montage #4. This episode was most likely privated due to its heavy feature of male genitalia being seen as inappropriate by Zack.

Episode 308 - McGill Mills Farm

Episode 308 had Zack showoff a build that he had wanted to build but ultimately let Ashley build, the McGill Mills Farm. The episode had Ashley give a tour of the farm, showing off their various crops they grew and their farm animals that Ashley had managed to fence up. Throughout the episode, the constant noise of fall damage was heard due to a glitch that caused the animals to constantly gitter up and down without dying, Ashley at one point saying she muted her game because the noise made her nauseous. It's possible that this video was privated due to the constant noise of legs breaking being disorienting to the audience, much like how Ashley was.

Episode 324 - Ironic Zebras

Episode 324 was a rare mining adventure, this one being with Zack, Mac, and John. The title of the episode came from a discussion that the member of this excavation had. At one point, while Zack discusses the decrease in value Iron now has due to mineshafts, Zack is caught off guard by an Enderman leading to him screaming. This moment in question is the only surviving piece of this episode in the form of an LOL Replay. Aside from that, not much is known on this episode thus it it unknown why it was privated.

Episode 328 - Jedi Temple

Episode 328 had the showcase of Kate's Jedi Temple. The episode focused very little on the Temple itself, but it served as a backdrop for the discussions between Zack, Kate, George, Ninja, Mac, and John. Despite this, the episode did have Kate discuss the purposes of the rooms; them being the Padawan Level, Jedi Level, Master Level, and Meditation Room. Not much info is known about this episode but it may have been privated due to inappropiate comments either Kate or Mac may have made.

Episode 329 - Hamburger Shop

Episode 329 featured Peter Coffin giving a tour of Peter's Buns in Coffinshire. The episode had Zack, Ashley, Peter, Lizzie, and Brett all using the Pony Mod to make them look like MLP Ponies. Despite this, the episode was played straight faced, as no one mentioned the fact that they were ponies. This mod was recommended to Zack by LDShadowLady, the video were she initially tries out the mod with George can be found here. It is unknown why this video was privated.

Episode 335 - Sex Shop

Episode 335 was a tour of NinjaMarion's sex shop. The episode had Ninja reveal that since Scottland lacked a sex shop he built the Zack Scott Dildoporium. The episode revolved around Zack being shown all the merchandise that the Dildoporium had, along with Adam on the call. Zack commented that it actually resembled a real Sex Shop due to the blacked out windows, at one point commenting that Ninja even looked like a real Sex Shop clerk. Parts of this episode has survived in Minecraft Funny Montage #4. This episode was most likely privated due to the inappropriate location that is toured.

Episode 361 - Some ThugggNoids

Episode 361 had many staple members join Scottland. The episode begun with Zack and Brock discussing the shutdown of Brock and Jonathuggg's server, ThugggNoid. Zack mentions that he offered Brock to recommend the best members of the server to let on Scottland. Brock and Jonathuggg recommended Sickness, Padennn, Bubbles, Bigman, and Rachcat4. Bigman was not on the server as of the time filming but Brock kept requesting Zack to see if he was whitelisted. This would also mark Rachcat4's last appearance in the Scottland server, having left the game before the episode begun, relegating her appearance to chat logs. In the chat Sickness and Padennn got acquainted with Hippid and Kate, while Tallman tried to make small talk. While this was all happening, Spintown repeatedly killed Sickness and Padennn which started his welcoming tradition. This episode may have been privated due to sexual comments either Sickness, Padennn, Hippid, or Kate may have made.

Episode 362 - The End...Sort Of...

Episode 362 featured the Scottland Players set out to kill the Nova Scottia Ender Dragon. The episode had Zack travel to an outpost the Scottlanders had built in the Nova Scottia Stronghold. There Zack met up with Brett and Mac and they gave him supplies (such as a pumpkin and gear) before jumping into the End Portal. The battle had Zack, Ashley, Mac, Brett, Spin, Moesboy, and Bigman attempt to kill the Ender Dragon. Due to none of them bringing bows or pickaxes, the fight lasts quite a long time. At one point Bigman accidentally hit Zack which made Zack jokingly say "I'm gonna ban Bigman". Eventually, Ashley lands the final blow on the dragon, which causes a Nether Portal to fall down, the players go in it and they crash. The prelude to this story can be found here from Mac's perspective. This episode was most likely privated due to a Skype audio malfunction which lowered the volume of the other members, leaving Zack's audio the only to be heard, though the other players' audio could slightly be heard.

Episode 363 - One Year of Minecraft!

Episode 363 celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Zack's Minecraft Scottland series. The episode had Zack gather Ashley, Mac, Adam, Brett, Lauren, Sickness, Padennn, and Spintown along with Bubbles and Fredrick making their first appearances. The episode began with Zack in the Gay Bathhouse in Scottland with Spin teasing him with a quote he said on Episode 1, "I'll probalby do 5 or 7 episodes." The rest of the episode had the players wander around Nova Scottia, The episode had Spintown repeatedly kill Lauren, Fredrick, and the Sickland ThuggNoids. Part of this episode may have survived in Minecraft Funny Montage #4, where Zack is shocked when a Baby Sheep reaches maturity in front of his very eyes. This episode may have been privated due to some possible offensive comments made by either Mac, Brett, Lauren, or Spin.

Episode 368 - Return to Red River

Episode 368 had Zack return to the Red River Nether Outpost to show off its updates. The group traveling to the Nether Village consisted of Zack, Ashley, Mac, Adam, Brett, Fredrick, Lauren, Sickness, and ThePhantomMence. On the way, Fredrick reveals to the audience that he has a secret to reveal which causes Trololinda to become defensive saying "This better not be about me", foreshadowing how she was eventually revealed as a CatFish. Fredrick's secret turns out to be a joke which leads to Zack revealing a secret that Brett's horny, Zack then pushes Brett off the Nether Highway, leading to his death. The episode then has Ashley show off the highly flamable houses that her and the other Scottlanders built in the Scottland Nether. Brett eventually returns and throws poison at Zack as revenge, with Mac telling Zack that Brett gave him aids. Zack dies and reveals a glitch that causes players who've died in the Nether to spawn in a Netherack tunnel. Adam and ThePhantomMence try to show off their new Blaze Spawner that they constructed, however, the door is left open which causes the Blazes to be let loose on the Red River Village. The Scottlanders flee from the burning village, Adam is killed by the fire and asks Zack to teleport him there, Zack abides by teleporting all the players to him whilst he's infront of a burning buiilding. Parts of this episode survive in Minecraft Funny Montage #4. This episode may have been privated due to possible offensive comments from either Mac or Brett. Mac's aids joke and Brett's request of a blowjob from Zack could have also been seen as too inappropriate.

Episode 369 - Chinese New Year (Live Recording)

Episode 369 has Adam gather a bunch of Scottland Players to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The episode had many of the players gather around in Adam's area and awe at a traditional Chinese Dragon that he built to celebrate the occasion. The players that were gathered were Zack, Adam, Mac, Brett, Fredrick, Bigman, and possibly Ashley. The episode is derailed as Lauren asks to show off the basement of her Nova Scottia home, only to reveal a Swastika and her showing off her skin which is her wearing a Nazi uniform. After the Scottlanders return to Scottland, Brock joins the call and joins the game for the occasion, marking one of the few appearances Brock would make following the shutdown of ThugggNoid. Brock asks Zack to teleport him to Adam's area, Zack abides by teleporting him on top of the Chinese Dragon. Mac eventually makes an offensive joke involving the N-word, Brett and Fredrick laugh at this, a shocked Bigman then calls the Scottlander racists. An offended Mac replies by saying "What did you call us?", Bigman replies by saying "I didn't say anything", this would start the tension between Bigman and the Scottlanders which would lead to Bigman's Grief of Nova Scottia. Zack attempts to break the tension by commenting on the disorganized style of the video and asks Brock, "Brock, how do you keep your videos so organized?" Brock then replies "By staying on the Dragon." Bigman then asks Brock if he could join him on top of the dragon, Brock unfortunately replied by saying he didn't know the commands to teleport him. The episode ends by the players celebrating the Chinese New Year and Brock falling to his death. This episode was most likely due to the racists jokes of Mac being seen as too offensive.

Episode 370 - Threesome Village

Episode 370 featured Zack visiting Sickness' new base in Nova Scottia. The episode had Zack attempting to follow Sickness through the hills of Nova Scottia but getting distracted by the progress made in the world. They eventually arrived at the Threeway Village where it is revealed that Padennn and TotallyBubbles also live with Sickness. Aside from the tour of the village, the video also had Zack and Bubbles sing Ke$ha songs. This episode was the last appearance of the Threeway Village before Bigman destroyed it. This episode may have been privated due to the sexual connotations of the name and the polyamorous relationship Sickness jokingly implied between her and the other Sickland members.

Episode 378 - Magic Cafeteria (Live Recording)

Episode 378 was a live recording of a tour of the Netherwarts School of Magic's cafeteria. The episode had Zack and Adam travel to the School of Magic and be shown the Cafeteria and its many secrets after simply passing by it in the initial tour. Sickness, Padennn, and Bubbles were present at the School of Magic for the tour. In the Cafeteria they talked about the elongated dining tables and their respected houses. Sickness then invited Zack to attempt to discover the secret passage in the Cafeteria. After failing to figure out the lever combination, Sickness takes over for Zack to ultimately find out that the lever combination no longer works so the group simply breaks through the wall to find the secret room. This episode may have been privated due to inappropriate comments from Sickness.

Episode 390 - Plethora of Paths

Episode 390 had Zack be pranked by ThePhantomMence by creating a bunch of paths in Nova Scottia. The episode had Zack be lured to Nova Scottia under false pretenses by John. Upon arriving there John revealed that he had built a plethora of paths, connecting all the landmarks in Nova Scottia. Zack gets flabbergasted at this reveal since he had previously stated that Nova would not resemble Scottland in the slightest. Adam was also present in the video, after leaving Nova, Zack announces that the following weeks would contain videos dedicated to his builds. It was here were Zack would announce The Week of SwimmingBird941. This episode may have been privated due to possible inappropriate conversations between Zack and John.

Episode 406 - New Year's Ball Drop (Live Recording)

Episode 406 was the livestreamed Scottland New Year celebration. The 2012 New Year Celebration had Adam build a TNT contraption attached to a Penis Mac had built, Zack would activate the TNT to make the balls of the penis drop the moment it turned into the New Year. The episode began with Zack messing around with Brett's contraptions in his area. Later they all gathered to watch the balls drop, also including Ashley, Kate, Mmp, and NinjaMarion. Mac and Adam then revealed that the TNT contraption had also blown up the Welcome Center and Zack's House. Parts of this episode have survived in Minecraft Funny Montage #4 as well as in an unofficial LOL Replay. The rigging process can be seen in a MacCraft video on Mac's Channel. The heavy feature of male genitalia possibly lead Zack to private this episode.

Episode 429 - Bridge to Nowhere

Episode 429 had Brett show off a bridge he built in Nova to Zack. Zack spends a majority of the episode crossing the bridge because, much like the name implied, it appears to go on forever. Zack ultimately fails in crossing the bridge as he's scared by Mac in real life. Part of this episode has survived in a LOL Replay. The reason this episode may have been privated was due it prominently featuring a Jesus statue, that Dane had built, been seen as too offensive.

Episode 468 - The Museum of Lizzie

Episode 468 was a tour of the Museum of Lizzie in the Shadow Lands.The episode began with Zack being informed that Lizzie tried to apply for the "Best Museum" award only to be told that she wasn't actually a museum. Because of that; her, George, and Oli, created the Museum of Lizzie. The rest of the episode revolved around Zack, Ashley, and iWolfyyy reading the signs in the museum detailing facts about Lizzie. A small part of this video has survived in Minecraft Funny Montage #6. The possible reason why this video was privated was because it went into detail about "The Pikachu", a sexual position which the museum said was Lizzie's favorite, being deemed too sexual by Zack.

Episode 488 - Kablam! (Skype Fail)

Episode 488 was the first appearance of SammyKablam. The episode had Zack join a Skype call where he introduced Sammy as a friend of Spintown and a popular YouTuber as well. Zack was fixated on Sammy's ventriloquism that he used for his Omegele videos and kept asking him about puppets. While this was happening Zack teleported to Sammy and discovered that he too only played on Survival Mode, the rest of the episode had Zack walk around the Cobble Bitch and then Nova. This episode was one of the few Scottland episodes to have a Skype error which prevented the audience from hearing all but Zack's voice. It is unknown why Zack privated this episode but it may be due to him seeing no point in keeping a video up that had no Skype audio, much like "Episode 362 - The End...Sort Of...".

Episode 497 - Black Snake

Episode 497 had Zack call an emergency meeting of Scottlanders to show off his build: Black Snake Mamba. Alternatively called "Black Moan Snake", Zack's build had a pressure which made the Black Snake open its mouth which Zack would then let out a gaunt moan. The rest of the video had Zack try and repeatedly show the snake moan, with Ashley being the only supportive one, Ninja commenting that the video was so bad it was funny, and Adam and Dane just being there. Black Snake had been built on Mac's Season Area so she eventually blew it up, Zack tried to restore the Black Snake Mamba only for it to turn white. It is unknown why this video was privated, but Zack may have assumed the video had some racial connotations.

Episode 521 - Peanut Allergy

Episode 521 has very little info known. The episode had Zack in a Skype call with Spintown and Oli, Zack at one point began flying over the ocean. Near the end of the episode George joined the Skype call and revealed that while he was out having drinks with his friends he accidentally drank a beverage with peanut in it, which he's allergic to. Zack began to laugh hysterically as George detailed that he had to be taken to the hospital. On George's Daily Booth, George claimed that he had a peanut allergy attack on the most recent Scottland Episode, however, this might've just been him phrasing it wrong as other accounts differ. It is unknown why this episode was privated, though it might because Zack laughing at George's near death experience being seen as too mean, by his standards.

Episode 525 - Fishnets and New Members

Episode 525 had Sickness introduce brand new members to Scottland from Sickland. The members introduced in this episode where Kaleidocopia (Allie), MercKing, and Drudigger. Padennn had designed fishnets for all of them, the episode was primarily located in a beach in Sickness' area. Little info is known on this episode aside from the players introduced in it. This episode may have been privated due to the suggestive comments Allie and other Sickland members made, as well as whole fishnet concept, being seen as too inappropriate.

Episode 552 - Trying out MineZ

Episode 552 had Zack try out MineZ with Adam and Brett. The episode had Zack explain that Mac had recommended the gamemode to him, so he hopped on a server with Adam and Brett. A large majority of the episode had Zack search for Adam and Brett whilst Adam explained to Zack the gameplay of the gamemode. Zack had stationed himself at a village with other people and began to wait for Adam, only for him to be killed the moment Adam had finally reached the village. Zack would not play MineZ until Episode 593. Not much info in known about this episode so it unknown why it was privated.

Episode 611 - Lost

Episode 611 is lost entirely. This episode is after Minecraft - Space Jam and before Minecraft - Scotti Arabia Fortification. In "Scotti Araiba Fortification" after Zack deemed the episode a solid, Ashley states "Two solids in a row", implying that Episode 611 was quite a noteworthy episode. Commenters at the time also questioned Episode 611's unavailability stating that it might've been taken down for inappropriate content by YouTube management. It is also possible that there is no Episode 611 and Zack accidentally skipped a number. Ashley says "Two solids in a row" in context to Zack claiming the current episode to be a solid which is followed by Adam talking about the Space Jam episode, referring to it as a solid.

Episode 621 - Lunar Festival

Episode 621 had the Scottlanders return to Scottland to celebrate the Lunar Festival, taking a break from The Walls. The episode had Adam build two Dragons who were redstonned to tap their fingers up and down. Zack at one point commented that they looked like they were dancing. The episode featured Zack, Adam, Mac, Tasman, Spintown, and PrettyMyWay. This episode would mark Beth (PrettyMyWay) 's only proper appearance in Zack's Scottland series, as she joined the other players in the celebration. Not much other info is known on this episode aside from this. Possible inappropriate comments from Mac or Spintown may have led it to be privated.

Episode 691 - Lost

Episode 691 is also lost entirely. Less info is known on this episode, unlike 611, no comments talk about the missing episode nor does Zack allude events that may have happened in following episodes. This episode is after Minecraft - Giant Bird Nest and before Minecraft - Episode 692 - Who Will Be The Ultimate Minecrafter? It's also possible that Zack skipped a number when numbering the episodes.

Episode 737 - Cut for Adam (Swimmingbird's Birthday!)

Episode 737 was the birthday celebration for Adam. The episode had Ashley build Adam a bunch of duplicate chicks as a birthday present. Zack begins hyping up his present for Adam, upon having Adam teleport to him it is revealed that Zack's present was a sign saying "Happy Birthday, Adam!" on top of a Chicken head. Adam shows gratitude at the "awesome" present, while Zack repeatedly says "Yeah but my sign was nice too, right?". Other players present for the celebration were Mac, Brett, Heartben, Tasman, and Geoffro. Mac then decides that the purple chick would be named after her, she then proceeded to look for a black chicken to name after Geoffro upon settling on a brown one. The episode ends with Zack saying to get #HappyBirthdayAdam trending, Brett then instead says to get #CutForAdam trending (after the #CutForBieber viral prank). Zack jokingly goes with Brett's request and says to forward videos of viewers cutting their wrists to Adam. This episode was most likely privated due to the request Brett and Zack made at the end of the video, along with Mac's racist joke.

Episode 739 - Unknown

Episode 739 has little info known on it aside from the fact that it was another Walls video. The episode most likely has Zack, Mac, Spin, Tasman, Saytinn, and Griffan playing on the same team. Much like the other episodes that this team appeared in, they most likely won. It is unknown why this video was privated.

Episode 741 - WTF Are We Talking About?

Episode 741 was another Walls episode, and judging by the title, the conversation had in it was absurd. This episode had Zack, Mac, Spin, Tasman, and possibly Saytinn, Heartben, and Griffan. The highlight of the conversation was the absurdity of the topics that the group discussed, enough for Zack to name the episode after it. This episode was most likely privated due to the title of the episode containing a swear, being too inappropriate of Zack's target audience, and possibly the topics discussed in it also being inappropriate.

Episode 750 - The Crown Jewels of Scottland

Episode 750 was the first episode that revealed Mark had been banned, it was also the first video privatized in Zack's Mass Privating of 2020. The episode had Zack allude to Mac banning the depressed sounding Mark as he and Spintown searched for Mark's "Crown Jewels of Scottland" build. Spintown pretended to have been the one to have build the jewels as part of a joke while Mark tried to help him find it with the Dynmap. This episode might have been privated due to comments Mac made towards Mark being seen as too offensive or he deemed the episode too uncomfortable due to Mark's tone.

Episode 771 - Beautiful Mountains

Episode 771 had the Scottlanders make a rare return to Scottland to check out a new build of Ashley's. The group consisted of Zack, Mac, Adam, Brett, Geoffro, Griffan, and possibly Heartben and JesseYoder. The episode had Ashley show off a design for mountains she made using WorldEdit. Within the beautiful mountains stood a medieval village that Ashley had also built. The episode ended with Zack ask the viewers for ideas for naming the village, with Brett and Griffan suggesting obscene names. For a more in depth summary of the episode check out the dedicated page on the Wiki which is cited in the first sentence. It is unknown why this episode was privated.

Episode 777 - Live Chat and BatKnight

Episode 777 was a live recording of Zack walking around Scottland and then hopping on BatKnight. The episode started with Zack promising that the first half would be him answering questions while pacing around the front of the Welcome Center, while the second half would be him playing Bat Knight. While pacing, Zack teleported to the few players in Scottland; at one point he teleports to LoonyLuna, who calls him a jerk without him noticing. This episode would mark Luna's only "physical" appearance in the series. The discussion portion of the episode may have had questions regarding future plans for BatKnight and MinerCore. It is unknown why this episode was privated.

Episode 790 - The Walls with Mac and a Horny iWolfyyy

Episode 790 used to be the only Walls video to have been privated. The episode had Zack, Mac, and the namesake iWolfyyy playing a game of the Walls. The episode's highlight was Mac, once again, bringing up iWolfyyy and Lauren's relationship. Mac asked if they had "done it yet" and then proceeded to ask him how he thinks she masturbates, and how he would react if she forcibly made him perform oral sex; which he responded "That'd be hot." Mac dies early on in the round and the rest of the game has Zack run away from opponents while yelling for help from iWolfyyy, who can't find him. They survive and win the game, both of them not really contributing to their team's victory. This episode was most probably privated due to the sexual contents discussed in it.

Episode 794 - Unknown

Episode 794 has little info on it known, but it was most likely a BatKnight video. The episode probably had Zack discuss the plans for the Beacon World Contest while playing BatKnight, the rules for both voters and contestants which would differ from the Scottlantis Contest. It is unknown why this episode was privated.

Episode 795 - Beacon World Contest

Episode 795 was the announcement of the Beacon World Contest. In this video Zack detailed the rules when it came to voting, both for the voters and contestants. Zack later went on to list the contestants, them being Little Egypt, Firedrake, Ancient Cathedral, Snow Castle, and Frozen Dildo. This video was most likely privated due to Spintown's Team's build, the Frozen Dildo, being deemed as too inappropriate, rather than privating the Frozen Dildo video itself, Zack privated the entire Beacon World Contest video.

Episode 842 - Unknown

Episode 842 might have been a Walls episode or it could've been a Minigame episode. Little info is known on this episode. Some of the players in this episode carried over from Minecraft - The Walls - New Biomes, those being Zack, Spin, and 8BitHero or MercKing. It's also possible that Chopchop became the fourth member. It is unknown why this video was privated.

Episode 872 - Unknown

Episode 872 has less info on it known. The only piece of information known is that it was a Minigame episode. The players featured on this episode were Zack, Spintown, and possibly 8BitHero, with an unknown fourth player (possibly Lmac). It is unknown why this video was privated.

Episode 882 - Quake

Episode 882 is the last episode in the series to have been privated. The title and the description have survived unlike Episode 842 and Episode 872. The description simply read "The Scottlanders try out the Quake server!". The players featured in this episode were Zack, Mac, Brett, Jesse, Geoffro, and JustinBobCat. The episode had the Scottlanders jump into Quake games and attempt to win, with JustinBobCat winning the most, due to his skill. Comparatively, Mac kept losing and at one point (jokingly?) got into an argument with Brett. This episode may have been privated due to comments made by Mac being deemed as offensive by Zack.

Episode 901 - Lauren Blows Up Scottland

Episode 901 was the swan-song of the Scottland series, with many old players returning, though many of them actually being from Season 3 and 4. The episode had Zack bring back Ashley, Mac, Adam, Brett, Geoffro, Heartben, Jesse, Griffan, Tallman, iWolfyyy, Lauren, and Drudigger. The episode tried to be a reminiscing episode but soon went off track as the players messed about on the flattended Welcome Center. Zack repeatedly tried to put Lauren in the spotlight and ask her questions (Lauren having forgotten how to move in game). Brett tried to put himself in the spotlight and tried to remind the audience about the Doors joke. Ashley, Mac, Geoffro, and Griffan began to mess around with carpets (and other recent update stuff) by making a giant tower and having Zack destroy the bottom part and having them all collapse with it. The episode also had Mac repeatedly sing "Goodbye, Scottland!", trying to make it sound like the last episode, despite Zack only mentioning that this would be the last one he'd be numbering. Drudigger was the only member to not be formally invited, having only joined the server due to the high activity, Tallman and iWolfyyy then proceeded to repeatedly kill him (Both of them having past vitriol with the Sickland crew). Tallman then reveals how Mac started her hatred towards him, taking the blame for a grief LDShadowLady did towards one of her builds. Mac responded by finally revealing the source of all the "Tallman licks buttholes" jokes, being derived from the time she woke up during ScottCon and saw Tallman perform oral sex on Bactormo. At one point Treegiraffe2 and KylieCutie get teleported to all the players in the Welcome Center. Adam makes his last appearance in this episode, having joined late to the game and the Skype call, and proceeded to take a selfie with Lauren, treating her like a celebrity. Zack then brings up the idea to go to Trololand, iWolfyyy searches for the coordinated in the Wiki. The players then end the video there, touring Trololand and the jokes than once transpired there. Zack asks the viewers to comment their favorite memory of Scottland, while Brett instead asks what they'd like to do to Lauren sexually. This episode was most likely privated due to Brett's request and Mac recounting Tallman and Janie's entanglement being deemed too inappropiate.

Episode 905 - Mac's Cock (Kick-Ass 2)

Episode 905 was the last appearance of veteran player, Antyanthony. The episode began with an advertisement for the, at the time, upcoming movie Kick-Ass 2 (at the demand of Machinima). It then cut to Zack and Mac being dressed up in Kick-Ass 2 skins in the newly decorated Welcome Center. The pair then teleport to Muqot, who shows off her new build which is a giant statue of Mac in a bikini with her cock out. The statue held its member over a giant water tank. Muqot reveals that one day she asked in "What should I build", having Mac respond with "My cock". Anthony describes how he helped out building the tank, the sandcastle within it, and he even named the "sea"horses that lived inside it. The rest of the episode had Zack and Mac enter Mac's hollow body. The entire had Anthony's heavy breathing in the background, as Anthony was connected to Skype via phone, though commenters at the time said that the heavy breathing added to the sleazy nature of the video. This episode was most likely privated due to it heavy feature of male genitalia.

bNoid's Deleted Videos

Despite only being around 11 and a half months, the BrockNoid channel amassed 5,220 subscribers and produced 89 Minecraft videos, along with other gaming videos. On his channel, Brock had four series', them being Scottland, ForeignLand, ThugggNoid, and Challenges. This section will only list Brock's Scottland videos in their original state due to this page being dedicated to missing Scottland videos, however if you want to view an archive of his videos, you can find the first (1-48) here and the last (54-89) here.

  • Minecraft: Episode 1 - Return to Scottland
  • Minecraft: Episode 2 - macaroon Kicks My Ass
  • Minecraft 3: Scottland - Secret Stash
  • Minecraft 4: Scottland - Bait and Switch
  • Minecraft 9: Scottland - Ladies' Night
  • Minecraft 14: Scottland - Stumbelz Returns
  • Minecraft 15: Scottland - Stumbelz's Revenge
  • Minecraft 16: Scottland - Nether Regions
  • Minecraft 17: Scottland - Cheese Sauce
  • Minecraft 18: Scottland - Adventure Double-
  • Minecraft 19: Scottland - Spin Boxing
  • Minecraft 27: Scottland - Amatuer Fight Night
  • Minecraft 28: Scottland - Memory Lane
  • Minecraft 29: Scottland - Cal's Serious Business
  • Minecraft 30: Scottland - Stumbelz Skinz
  • Minecraft 35: Scottland - thuggg Life
  • Minecraft 37: Scottland - Enderman
  • Minecraft 38: Scottland - Land Run
  • Minecraft 39: Scottland - Wood Chuckin
  • Minecraft 41: Scottland - Master Builder
  • Minecraft 45: Going to the Water Ho
  • Minecraft 48: Fists of Fire
  • Minecraft 50: Mega Arena Battle
  • Minecraft 54: Nothing Happens
  • Minecraft 56: Hide and Seek
  • Minecraft 58: Sleepy
  • Minecraft 63: No One Home
  • Minecraft 64: My Room [SL]
  • Minecraft 69: Spleefing the Arena [SL]
  • Minecraft 81: Announcements!
  • Minecraft 83: Virgin Soil
  • Minecraft 85: Wild Ride Slide

Unfortunately, sometime after March 2012; Brock's editor, Dennis, hijacked his account and began uploading pornography for profit from a third party. Dennis was eventually arrested but the damage had been done and the BrockNoid channel had been deleted, Brock had been given a permanent ban from YouTube and he wasn't allowed to create a new channel. A small part of Brock's Episode 45 survives in a LOL Replay. Part of Brock's Episode 6 "This Land" survived in an LOL Replay "Jack The Ripper" but that has since been deleted by Zack. Thankfully, a lot of Brock's episodes (mostly ThugggNoid but few Scottland) have survived due to Jonathuggg filming simultaneously. 

LDShadowLady's Unlisted Videos

Although not actually lost, a majority of LDShadowLady's classic videos are unavailable to an average viewer. Lizzie made 22 videos in Scottland before going on to focus primarily on Single Player and her Private Server. All of Lizzie's classic videos have been unlisted because, much like Zack, she now has a much younger target audience. The following will only list her Scottland videos but archives of her channel can be found here, to view the videos simply isolate the YouTube URLs. Lizzie's complete classic Minecraft playlist can be found here.

  • ZOMG BLUE SHEEP! Ep. 1 Minecraft
  • Shadow Used Sand Attack! Ep. 2 Minecraft
  • Bakin' A Pretty Cake! Ep. 3 Minecraft
  • I Nether Ever Fail. Ep. 4 Minecraft
  • Waiiit. Whut? 1.5?! Minecraft Ep. 6
  • Giant Chicken Statue :O Ep. 7 Minecraft
  • Dungeon Disaster Ep. 8 Minecraft
  • Creatures of the Night | Ep. 9 Minecraft
  • I HATE Storms. Ep. 10 Minecraft
  • LDShadowLady & Friends | Ep. 11 Minecraft
  • Contest Winners and MOAR! Ep. 12 Minecraft
  • Ohh No | Ep. 13 Minecraft
  • Cave Exploration | Ep. 15 Minecraft
  • MOAR DIAMUNDZ. [ft.Lockerz] Ep. 16 Minecraft
  • Worst. Day. Ever. | Ep. 17 Minecraft
  • Squids in the Pond | Ep. 20 Minecraft
  • Trollin' Tales | Ep. 21 Minecraft
  • My Magnificent Obsidian Machine | Ep. 22 Minecraft
  • Spintown Slaves Skype Adventure | Ep. 25 Minecraft
  • LDShadowFarmer | Ep. 26 Minecraft
  • Happy Halloween!
  • Shadowlands | Ep. 27 Minecraft

TwoFace240's Deleted Videos

In September 30th of 2018, George took down all of his videos. A complete number of episodes of Minecraft George did in Scottland or overall is unknown but a select few's titles are known. George typically did videos showcasing the builds he did in his area (the likes of the SPD, Club, Firehouse), occasionally he would film himself mining in Scottland and once in Nova Scottia. George was always self-contentious about his channel and views, by 2018 he most likely saw no point in keeping his videos up so he deleted them all; his last video being on July 2013, with no archives to any of them. This list will only list his known Scottland videos but an archive of his channel can be found here.

  • Mountain Build
  • I'm Back!
  • The Club and More
  • Nova Mining Fail
  • The SPD
  • Raptor something or other
  • FireHouse

brettcm82's Deleted Videos

A large quantity of Brett's early video catalog are lost due to them being deleted. Aside from his comedy videos, Brett posted Minecraft videos, from time to time, showing off some builds or hanging out with other players. Brett most likely deleted these videos because they weren't very good and had little production, but unlike his older videos they didn't hold any sentimental value. An exact count on his Scottland videos are unknown and little info is known on them, it is known that Brett made videos on his little projects in Scottland and Nova but exact titles are unknown. No archives of his Minecraft videos exist but an archive of his channel can be found here, the following list the only known Scottland videos.

  • House Of the Villagers
  • Dancing Golem
  • Castleberry
  • Living in SuperNova 1
  • Living in SuperNova 2: Cows

ThePhantomMence's Lost Videos

John's Game channel (JohnsGameChannel) had most of its original videos taken down by John himself. John had to take down his game channel after disputes with YouTube Networks, this resulted in all his old catalog being deleted. John relaunched his game channel but this was after his tenure in Scottland. In his Scottland videos John uploaded videos showing the construction of his castle (with some commentary from Nikki from time to time), harassing Lauren, and showed tours of Scottland. A full list of his Minecraft videos is unknown but an archive of his channel can be found here. The following will only list his known Scottland videos.

  • Minecraft 1.0 John's First Adventure in Scottland
  • Live Minecraft 1.1! Niki&JohnPranks
  • Minecraft 1.2 What to do with this castle?
  • Minecraft 1.2.3 Johns Tour Scottland
  • MINECRAFT LIVE Tour of Scottland with Johns from Nikki and John Pranks

Swimmingbird941's Unavailable Videos

Few videos of Adam's are gone, with most of them being available. However, one video in particular became somewhat too controversial for Adam to keep up. Adam documented the day BVGamer was let on the server in his video Holy shiz im in scottland. The video featured the Scottlanders verbally attack BVGamer and repeatedly kill him. Adam might have felt that this video was too controversial due to the treatment of the 13 year old. Another video, Markus's Take - Minecraft Racial Contreversy is unlisted due to the controversial nature of impersonating an African American and the topic covered.

Champine's Deleted Videos

Champine didn't have a long running series like other members but she did a handful of videos in Scottland. In her videos, Champine primarily recorded and gave tutorials on how to build the pixel art that was featured in the walls of her isolated home. A complete list of her Minecraft videos is unavailable but an archive of her channel can be found here. It is unknown why Champine deleted her videos.

  • How to build: Baby Yoshi
  • How to build: Mushroom
  • How to build: Mario or Luigi
  • How to build: Jesus
  • Back at Scottland

JustinMcDonaldDP's Videos

Like the previously mentioned player, Justin made few videos in Scottland before ultimately leaving. Justin's videos typically showed him give updates of his area that would one day be blown up by Mac, Kate, Jenny, and Mmp. The following will list his known Scottland videos, an archive of Justin's channel can be found here. It is unknown if Justin made more videos apart from this.

  • Scottland: JustinMcDonaldDP's
  • Scottland: Area Update Sept 22nd 2011

RozzGaming's Lost Videos

For the longest time, RozzGaming's entire video catalog was missing, following his disappearance from the Internet. Rozz soon returned to YouTube and ALMOST reuploaded all his videos. Two videos of Rozz's are missing. The two videos are titled and described as:

"We decided to play some 2 on 2 of Capture the Flag!"

"ZOMBIES! Today we visit Bwana's (iobuffa on youtube, Zombie Pandemic server! Check out!"

It is unknown why Rozz chose to delete Episode 15, but left Episode 14 privated.

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