The first appearance of the Gallus. The sign of repopulation.

Gallus Domesticus (aka The Great Resurrection of Gallus Domesticus) took place in December 30th, 2011 before the Justin Bieber Testicle Descent of 2012.

It was a repopulation of chickens in the Scottland Welcome Center and other areas outside of Central Scottland. SwimmingBird941 resurrected these fine animals for slaughter and to satisify the hunger of all the members of the poverty-struck Scottland. All members, including Evilmacaroon, were greatful for the resurrection of good health.

As claimed by ZackScott, the animals were cheated. He slaughtered Gallus Domesticus and skinned them, before dropping their fine and clean meat into the The Great Incinerator before escaping to the Underwater City. All the health of Scottland is poor as members are starving to death. The almighty ZackScott is responsible for the crime as will be banished from the King's land.

Revolt. Revolt. Feed the children.

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