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A shot of the fire that surrounded the area to the horizon

The Great Forest Fire of 2011 was a tragic occurence that killed many of the trees in Central Scottland. It was featured in Episode 8. The majority of the episode was Zack, Ashley, Industrial, Rozz, WilWhalen, and Jennzillahhhh attempting to stop the fire from spreading, collecting their burning wood supply.

The fire took place over a very large amount of land just north of Scott Mining Corporate Headquarters. The vast area was covered with mobs and an abnormal amount of creepers. Many of the players, referred to as 'family', died during this battle against nature. They came from all over Scottland with buckets of water and dirt to put out the flames.


The fire was speculated to have been started by Industrial, one of the first players of Scottland, known for wearing his Batman Skin and living in his Batcave. This idea was supported by the fact that both Zack and Industrial died at the same point and when Zack returned to their death place to collect items, he picked up three Flint and Steel. Zack did not have Flint and Steel in his inventory prior to his death, meaning he had picked them up from Industrial's inventory. Industrial also made comments such as, "[the area has been very] Industrialized." He later admitted to the crime, but was soon forgiven.



Ashley's view, possibly from the original treehouse, which was not damaged in this fire.

Ashley's tree house was not burned down in this disaster, thankfully, but the flames came very close. It was destroyed later by lightning before fire was nerfed. It was finally rebuilt in the effort of beautifing Scottland, in which members of Scottland contributed to cleaning up the old area in attempts to bring it out of its "Ghost Town" vibe. The tree house was again featured in Episode 270.

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