Adam's Prank
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The aftermath of the prank, with beds placed by The Bed Stealer


Mac's Evil Lair


April 1st, 2012

Materials Used

TNT, Lighter


Adam, subsequently unbanned because of illegitamacy of ban.

April Fools or Not


The Great Explosion at the Macaroon Manor consisted of events that took place on April 1st, 2012 in Scottland centering around Mac's Evil Lair, and concerning the players Mac and Adam. These events resulted in the joke banning of Adam from the server. It was announced on Brett's livestream that the entire event was a joke.

The Prank

Sometime after the morning of April 1st 2012, Adam loaded the area near the windows and the door of Mac's Evil Lair with TNT, with no intention of blowing anything up, but was instead a simple, light-hearted prank. According to the video that Zack recorded after being prompted by Mac with a text message saying that her house had been destroyed, Adam recorded a video of his doing this.

Mac Logs On

After taking a break from Minecraft, Mac logged in to the server with Adam and Oli, She claims in "MacCraft 17.5" that she decided to blow up the TNT, to attempt frame Adam and to get him banned. It is unsure how she knew Adam had done this, and is one of the main pieces of evidence to state that this was predesignated to happen. She starts recording "MacCraft 17," in which she maniacally explains that she has no idea what has happened to her house, and she had just logged on seeing her house in ruins. She acts in a state of anxiety the entire time. She notes that the only people online are Oli and Adam, and asks them over the Minecraft text chat who did this. Adam eventually confesses that he meant it as an April Fools' joke, and that he had it so that the TNT shouldn't have been set off. She texts Zack to come on the server and record. She stops recording after this.

Zack Logs On

Zack logs onto the server, and starts the Minecraft Skype Call, with only Mac and Adam. He starts recording, and begins his intro. Mac is furious that he would make this "another fucking one of your videos." Zack starts asking what happened, and Adam and Mac explain, Adam continually offering to rebuild, with Mac saying that the damage had already been done. Adam does this anyway. The Bed Stealer, already on the server, starts to place beds all over the ruins of the Lair.

Mac states that others on the server had wanted Adam banned, and while this was old news to Zack and Mac, this was new news to Adam, who was noticeably upset. Mac pleads to have other members of Scottland join the call to voice their opinions about Adam.

Oli first joins, and says that other than what he had heard in the chat, he had nothing to do with the explosions. When asked about his opinions of Adam, he said "I've always thought he was a bad egg to be honest." Zack states after this that a lot of people had talked to him about Adam privately. Zack adds Clark to the call, who says that he was going to use his old land but "it's done now," referring to the fact that Adam took his land when he took a hiatus from the server. Adam claimed he was told that it was ok for it to be taken down.

Mac states after this that the only reason that Adam builds at all is attention to his own channel. Adam retaliates with "I build stuff that I think people enjoy, I don't know." Mac then says that he doesn't care about the people he might be hurting.

Zack then states that people had actually been privately messaging him about it, but "didn't want to flat out say" that Adam was a problem. He then said "There are definitely enough people to get Adam banned, but... Adam, if you can work it out with Mac, get on her good side, to not want you banned, you're welcome on the server."

Adam claims he thought that it could be rolled back, if something went wrong with the prank. Big Brother is not currently installed on the server.

According to Mac, Spintown was also hurt by Adam, when chunks of his land were taken out of his land. Adam took this down with "cheats."

Zack got Ashley to join him for a moment in the video. Zack says that as his wife, she probably has the most say in this. Ashley said that she "had a feeling this was going to happen eventually," and that while she liked Adam, she had noticed that "for a long time, you build really close to people, and you do kind of invasive pranks." She goes on to say that she "doesn't like getting involved with stuff like this." She then left.

Zack bans Adam while recording. He reiterates to Adam that if he can get people back on his side, he would be allowed back on the server.

Mac's Confession

In "MacCraft 17.5," Mac confesses that while it was originally Adam's prank, she did in fact blow up the house. This video has received a negative reaction, with Over 600 dislikes.

Adam responded to the video on his channel, by saying that he will "try to talk with her and Zack about that." He hit 4,000 subscribers that night, showing signs of supporters.


Reactions from Scottland

Adam posted to his YouTube channel that he wanted "to sincerely thank everyone for flooding me with support and kind words," and that he was going to make a video soon after time had passed. He also responded to a comment inquiring about the situation that he was going to "talk to people, and try to get back on..."

Spintown posted on his twitter that with Adam banned, he would finally be able to "get some shit done in Minecraft for once." He also posted on Zack's video that "Adam isn't getting in trouble for JUST this one thing though. He's shown a pattern of destruction & trolling that has a lot of people upset with. It's no joke because he's been messaging us on Skype begging us to give him another shot. It's really sad to see how pathetic his begging is."

Kate posted on Zack's video under her YouTube channel that "you all never saw what he was really like on the server, lets just say this wasn't the first time this has happened because of him and i am glad it will be the last." She then posted on Mac's "MacCraft 17" that "whatever mac has done, has always been reverted, she has just lost an entire building she has spent ages building....ages, so give the gal a break and show a little love." Zack responded to this comment by saying "Thanks for chiming in Kate. Everyone's mad at me, but nearly everyone on Scottland wanted him gone."

Sickness posted on Zack's video that she wanted Adam "gone cuz he took over my area in Scottland and uses the school as a storage Place." She later said that she was in-between Team Adam and Team Mac.

Tallman posted on Zack's video "Fuck Adam. I hated him before he got on Scottland. He fucking said I have a mullet. Obviously I don't, and that shit pissed me off. What a dumb asshole." Zack then responded saying "Hey, no need to be mean. But he did make fun of your hair a lot, even behind your back."

Moes responded to a comment attacking Mac saying "fuck you, mac is one of the nicest people I know, off camera Adam is a dick".

Dane Kevin Cook posted that "it clearly states in the rules, "If Mac wants you gone, you're gone." He was a great player in Scottland, but he deserved to be banned." Dane brought up in the livestream that he didn't neccessarily want him banned, but if it was right to happen, he wasn't going to defend Adam. He then went on to say that he sort of bugged Zack into giving everyone creative.

NinjaMarion posted on Zack's video that "The people condemning Mac but defending Adam is sickening. Everything Mac's ever blown up with the exception of one thing could be reverted. That thing? Zack's house... the time Adam egged her on, planted a bunch of the TNT, and even set it off himself. He's blown up spawn on New Year's. He's blown up other things, and you guys ignore it while acting like Mac kills babies. It's bullshit. I like Adam and all, but he's been a negative influence on others, and brazenly taken over everything." He went on to say that "Adam brought this on himself." He responded to many comments, eventually getting involved with the flame war. While he got no thumbs up, the responses to him, including one saying among other things "ninja, shut the fuck up..." by Wcburg1, got thumbs up. He also posted on Mac's second video saying that people had been hating on her last year after "she" blew up spawn. It turned out to actually be a prank by Zack. He went on to say that "She's blown up pixels that don't even belong to these people. They threaten her with death. Insane idiots. There's no justification there."

Trololinda posted to Zack's video that she couldn't "fucking believe this. Zack, don't feel bad for banning him. This is fucking annoying. He comes into scottland thinking he's the shit, and now the guy thinks he can blow shit up? You mess with the bull, you get the horns. That's all I have to say. Mac, I really hope you win on this one... You would thing a 20 something year old would have more common sense than that. To all of those that think this is a joke, you didn't hear what happened off camera..." and that she only supported "mac because I know first hand how Adam is.. Always telling me to do shit, thinking he's some alumni."

Reactions from YouTube Viewers

Zack's video "Mac's Evil Lair Destroyed," currently has about 1000 dislikes, compared to 400 likes. While a plain majority of the comments are in support of Adam, some were about the legitimacy of the entire event, and whether it was an April Fools' Joke or not.

Mac's first video, in which she "discovered" her house has over 100 likes, and around 70 dislikes, with the top comments mainly being about the commenter's love for Adam. Mac's second video, explaining how she blew up her own house, is received much more negatively,with over 170 dislikes, and only 90 likes. The top comments are in support of Adam, as well as about the legitimacy of the whole thing.

Adam has since gained a spike in subscribers, reaching the 4000 mark, while many people have or have claimed to unsubscribe from both Mac and Zack in attempts to get Adam reinstated, or to express distain for the situation.

The "Facts"

  • The fact that it was a joke.
  • Mac claims to have set-off the TNT herself to get Adam banned.
  • Adam admits to placing the TNT, and that he set it off.
  • Zack banned him during the video.
  • The Mac/Zack videos were supposedly filmed back-to-back.
  • Zack's videos are typically filmed at least a day in advance, which means that unless Zack's video was spontaneous, this has been under wraps for a while.
  • Adam posted a 1.2.5 snapshot video of Minecraft on his channel that made no reference to these events shortly before Mac/Zack's videos were posted.
  • Mac has made 2 videos on April 1, 2012, the second one being the supposed prank reveal. This is not typical of an April Fools Day prank, since Mac's alleged prank unmasking took place much during April Fools Day, which means if she was serious, she released the video prematurely.
  • The idea that Adam really was banned has seemed to be carried out by numerous current members of the server, except Zack.
  • Zack still lists Adam in the Scottland players list of the Minecraft videos.


The entire situation was in fact fake, for April Fools' Day.

Many fans did not believe that the entire situation is real, and they were correct. In response, both Mac and Spintown have said that it is entirely real. Mac has done this several times, including in her Confession video, and Spin has said this in a YouTube comment on Zack's video.

Adam "confirmed" on a livestream with Brett that he is banned. However, Zack said at the end of this livestream "Are we gonna say it was an April Fools' Joke or what?"

Screen Shot 2012-04-02 at 9.48.37 PM

The picture streamed the entire time.

Adam Confirms/Brett's Livestream

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On Brett's Livestream on April 2nd, 2012, Adam confirmed he was banned. He said that he didn't want people to unsub from Zack, and that it still might be in the air for him to come back. Zack, at the end, revealed it was indeed a joke.
Jean-Jacques Perrey - Country Rock Polka

Jean-Jacques Perrey - Country Rock Polka

The song "Country Rock Polka" by Jean Jacques Perrey was playing during "breaks."

Mac was added later in the call and she said he has nothing more to say to Adam. Mac said it took "years" to build the house, which appeared to be a joke. She said that she ordered Adam to be banned, and when asked if Zack "pussed out" since he didn't want to talk to Adam, she responded "What?". Mac said that she had no regrets, and that all Scottland members felt that way, and that Adam, while setting it up, saw an oppurtunity to ban him finally, since everyone wanted that, and that while a lot of viewers are mad, she didn't care. Mac said that she needed "needed to see a picture to judge" Mike sexually.

Zack was called, picked up, but did not answer any questions. He confirmed he did in fact /ban Adam, even though he is completely indifferent to all players on the server. Brett attacked the answer, and Zack responded by continuing to eat his sandwich. He "cut", pretending of course, and Zack asked him to wait a minute before he would answer. Zack later said he thought it was the right choice to ban Adam. Zack asked the livestream audience for their opinions, and the plain majority said that it was the right choice. Zack said toward the end that they would talk about their fond memories of Adam, and say goodbye.

Brett asked all if Adam's disappearance affected any of them, Mac responded with "What?". Responding to a comment asking why Mac is so hypocritical, which was worded very poorly, Mac laughed. Markus also read a comment about Mac's actions. Zack also read a comment.

When asked if he was mean off camera, Brett pretended to cut the stream. Dane said he was "different" off camera, and Brett said he was "way more of an asshole." Brett claimed "off-stream" that Adam teased to his anorexic girlfriend "WHY YOU SO SKINNY?" Adam resents this. Brett "uncut" the stream, saying that he wasn't an asshole. Adam responded to someone asking as well if off camera if he was a ***, he responded by saying you couldn't be a star off camera.

Sickness responded to the invitation to the call by saying "o-0." Sickness joined the call later, and she responded by saying that she was "in-between" Team Adam and Team Mac, saying "it did kinda bug me a bit, cause I spent a good five hours trying to find an area and ... I built a house ... and the next day something huge was there." It was said that most of Adam's things would probably be deleted.

Dane and Adam also started talking about how Zack was sort of forced into giving all the members creative. Adam responded by saying that it was Zack's decision, and that he thought the members liked creative. Brett responded by saying he thought that was the fun was about the non-creativeness of the server. It was confirmed that Dane was going to build a city, which Adam said no to. He avoided the question, and went back to a question that was already mostly answered. Adam, Dane and Brett sang "Barbara-Ann" by the Beach Boys in a "dead" moment of the livestream, while waiting for Mac comes online.

Adam left in the middle of the stream without leaving the skype call. Brett called him on his cell phone, and there is no answer. Mac started to insult him during Brett's voicemail message, and Brett was unsure whether it recorded to his phone. Adam came back later on, with Mac on the call, and was greeted with her saying "You fucking faggot." Adam, when asked to apologize to her, he did indeed.

When asked if he thought he was smarter than everyone, he said "No, I don't think that." When asked if he was faking his "kindness", he said he was trying to entertain the viewers. Adam said he decided to prank Mac because no one was going to do anything for April Fools, so he thought he should do something for April Fools'.

Mike, Brett's friend, who was called in, said he always likes to make fun of the fact his parents are dead. It is unsure whether this is true, as all including Mike started laughing.

When asked if Adam cried when he heard the news, he said he listened to Lana Del Rey's song "Video Games," reminding him he could play another one.

Brett asked if he was banned if his girlfriend could stay on, and Adam said that she could still enjoy the game even if he wasn't there. It was said that a relative would be brought on to Scottland to replace Adam.

He was invited to a new server through the chat, he said he was thinking of doing server tours while on "hiatus" from Scottland.

When asked where Rozz is, Sickness responded "In my pants."

Last Minutes of the Livestream: Memories

  • Dane said to Adam "Don't do it." Dane had nothing else to say.
    Dead Island Trailer Music

    Dead Island Trailer Music

    The trailer song from Dead Island was played for the last 3 minutes, until the "break" music was played again.

  • When asked what Adam would do on the server later by Zack, he said finish the zoo, which Mac said they would take down.
  • Adam remembered that New Years's were fun.
  • Adam said "I think we'll figure this out."
  • Zack said he would recut "Versus Mode" so he would be gone. Jokingly.
  • Zack wanted his password to his Minecraft account so he could make torture videos with Adam. Adam asked if he could share the account, which Zack denied, saying that perhaps he could get a new account. Jokingly.
  • Zack also asked when Adam would close his YouTube channel jokingly.
  • Adam said that he hadn't lived until he got on Scottland, and that he gave up much of his life for Scottland. He said he just lived his life through it, and put so much into it, but Mac interrupted saying "YOU'RE A FAGGOT!" He said that he wanted to be remembered as the Beatles are, when they were younger, and less fat. Zack added that his soul is obviously dead now because of his ban. He said he loves all of the Scottland members, and that he just wanted all to know that, and that he wants them to remember him not as a dick. Zack said that all of his memories of him were tainted. He then said goodbye "forever."

End of the Livestream Bombshell/It Was A Joke

At the end of the livestream, Zack was heard saying "Are we gonna say like it was an April Fools' Joke?" It was indeed a joke, the entire time.

The things the Bedstealer hears about Adam (Legitimate)

  • I hear Adam is the one who imprisoned Ghandi
  • I hear Adam choreographed 911
  • I hear Adam was behind the holocaust. He framed Hitler
  • I hear Adam is the real life equivalent of Kony
  • I hear Adam created black people
  • I hear Adam shot John Lennon
  • I hear Adam gave Gaddafi tips
  • I hear Adam was the one who dropped the nuke on Hiroshima
  • I hear Adam murdered Princess Diana
  • I hear Adam caused the Japanese Tsunami
  • I hear Adam kidnapped Madeline McCann
  • I hear Adam is the cause of world hunger
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