Minecraft - Episode 75 - Destroyed (April Fool's Prank)

Minecraft - Episode 75 - Destroyed (April Fool's Prank)

The Great April Spawn Explosion was an April Fools' joke planned by Zack to explode the entire Welcome Center. It occurred in Episode 75, on April 1, 2011. Zack blamed Mac for the explosion and she acted like it was her that caused it. He then made another video explaining that he made it all up. He had also made a save file of Scottland.

This was probably the biggest cause of the running gag "Ban Mac". Many viewers thought this was legitimate and therefore the final straw of Mac's destruction.


  • Screen Shot 2012-01-03 at 1.41.51 AM

    The explosion ripped apart the Welcome Center and reached all the way down to Super Tunnel

    During the New Year's Celebration, Mac actually blows up the Welcome Center with SwimmingBird941's help. Zack, however, is able to restore it.
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