"Puny mortal, bow to me-where are you going?" - The Bed Stealer

The BedStealer


Oli (Not)




Lurking Somewhere In Your Bedroom.

Single or Married

How The Hell Am I Supposed To Know?


Beds, beds, beds, cheese possibly?, beds, beds, cats, sheep, red, white, and mostly beds.

Evil Scale

-90 Out Of 10


I Don't Fricking Know.

The Bed Stealer is a super villain who first showed up in Episode 408 - The Bed Stealer Arrives. He has many similarities to the user Olirulz_747 but he is obviously not the same, he is the Bed Stealer. Mwa-ha! Although originally he shared the same account as Olirulz_747, he now has his own account as The_BedStealer.

The Bed Stealer's Story

In the days of old, there were rumours of one so great, so mighty and so mysterious. Yet, where did such a fine specimen of a demi-god/jedi/hitler start their days? This is his tale... He arose from poor beginnings. Born in the British town of Londinius, outcast and alone, he lived in an orphanage. Until one day he found the courage to ask for more broth. Following this, he was thrown out onto the dark streets to fend for himself, by stealing petty things like money and food. Sucks... Little is known of his teenage years, although it is said that he spent his time learning self-control with buddhist monks, attending a school of witchcraft and wizardry by the name of HagWarts and searching for a fish by the name of 'Nemo'. No doubt, this was tough; emotionally and physically draining, slowly lowering him deeper and deeper into the depths of insanity... No one really knows what sparked his interest in beds. Some say he once went to a party where they forced him to sleep on the cold, icy floor, bedless and bitchless. He had a terrible nights sleep, and cursed the many beds that didn't come to assist his plight. Hence, he declared revenge on all the mattresses of the world... Others simply say he really liked beds. All we know for sure is... he's climbing in yo' duvet, snatching your bed-sheets up, tranna' steal them, so y'all need to hide yo' pillows, hide yo' mattress, hide yo' pillows, hide yo' mattress and hide yo' headboard, coz' he's stealing all the beds out there... Run little members of Scottland... The Bed-Stealer is coming for you... Try not to have bad dreams...

The Bed Stealer is also a communist. =D

Bed cave

The Bed Cave

Video Appearances

Battle bed

The battle bed. Complete with functioning gatling bed guns

The first time anyone knew the bed stealer existed was when the Scottland members found an evil lair full of stolen beds under Rozz's grave.

Later, the Bed Stealer was featured in a video where he showed off The Battle Bed . The Battle Bed is an airship near spawn that is shaped like a bed and is powered by stolen beds that connect to a master bed with cooling units. The resident butler goes by the name of Alfresco (an Italian Iron Golem).

He has added some gatling bed guns to the wings that are able to fire TNT and rain down destruction on Scottland. Mwa-ha!

He also apeaered in Bedtropolis, where he debuted his headquarters.

He has a secret TNT bed under the bank in the Sam City map in TBK.


Bed Stealer Skin

BedStealer Minion

BedStealer Minion Skin