The Battle Bed
Bed Stealer 2
The Battle Bed looms over Scottland.





First Appearance:

Episode 408 - The Bed Stealer Arrives!

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The Bed Stealer

" the BATTLE BED."


The Battle Bed is a huge flying machine (that remains stationary) and is the Bed Stealer 's main vessel of destruction. Introduced by the maniacale villain himself in Episode 408-The Bed Stealer Arrives!, the craft is painted a deep red color, has "attacking lasers" and is powered by beds. When Zack Scott walks into the control station, he asks the Bed Stealer what the switches do, to which he replies, "They destroy the world...sometimes. Some-sometimes they don't do anything."

The Battle Bed has no crew, except for an Iron Golem named "Alfresco", whom the Bed Stealer says is Italian and is his butler. On the bridge there is a cooling system that leads to a room that houses the "Central Bedpower Trans-flight Stabilizer". This device is the Battle Bed's main power source, and is of course, powered by beds, namely the "Master Bed", which is located in the middle of the room.

Bed Stealer

The Master Bed

Also on the bridge is a refrigerator and a command post called the "Bedchair". On the floor the Bed Stealer's logo, "BS", can be viewed. However Zack points out that it's written so people below can see it and fear the Bed Stealer, as inside the ship the logo looks like gibberish. The Bed Stealer says "If you're badass enough you can read it."

Bed Stealer 3

Zack Scott looks up at the dreaded Battle Bed.

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In the episode that the Battle Bed is introduced, the Bed Stealer reveals that he plans to destroy all of Scottland. Zack reminds the Bed Stealer that because of the new update to Minecraft there are a few plug-ins he has yet to enable, including "Big Brother" which would help him repair any damage done to Scottland. Zack then asks the super-villain if he could "hold off on any impending attacks for a little bit." The Bed Stealer replies, "The Bed Stealer shall wait".

But for how long?


  • The "Bedchair" is indeed a bed you can actually sleep in, which is verified when the Bed Stealer takes a three second nap in it in Episode 408.
  • The Bed Stealer points out that he still needs to add the "Gatling Bed Gun", which is going to "Throw TNT at Spawn ." He has made this change.
  • Next to the fridge, there is a sign that reads, "The Battle Bed Fridge of Doom! -All food is off by a day-"
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