Minecraft Public Viewer Server New IP & Games! (Survival Creative)

Minecraft Public Viewer Server New IP & Games! (Survival Creative)

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Old Spawn of the Swimmingbird Server

The Swimmingbird Fan Server is a server created in honor of SwimmingBird941. Fans are welcome to visit the server. They can play
on a survival world, PlotMe world, and there is Capture the Flag. The server was created by Ronaldy21 with the help of MrTurtle03.====

The server IP is:

Server Rules

The server rules are basic server rules. No grief, be respectful, no advertising, no PVP, no mods, no swearing, etc. To become a Player rank you must go to the guestworld, read the book, and build a house according to the rules in the book. When finished with the house simply ask a mod, admin, techguy, or owner to check the house. If they approved of the house, you will be sent to house and the guestworld house will be deleted. If they do not approve of the house, they will tell you to try again and may give you a few tips on how to improve the house.

Server Staff and Ranks

Ranks: Guest, Player, Builder, Citizen, Architect.

Donation Ranks: Donator, VIP, VIP+, Diamond, Sponsor.

Staff Ranks: Moderator, Admin, TechGuy, Owner.

To become a Builder you must win a monthly challenge. To donate you must donate via /buy on the server or on the server website. Staff applications are available on the website. The website is

Server Staff:

Owner- Ronaldy21

TechGuy- MrTurtle03

Admins- antyanthony, akirby80, xXRedCookehXx, tmanchua, theheartben, Shipcommander, Drakolord96, andrewdavid6029.

Moderators- Squirrel92, Panther.

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