Super Tunnel
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The Center of Super Tunnel





First Appearance

Episode 15 - Cave Exploring


ZackScott, AshleySmash, and others.

Super Tunnel was created by various members of Scottland and expands over most of Scottland to several members' houses. It features boat travel and minecart travel, which were incorporated by Ashley.

At one point, Mac suggested Super Tunnel be re-named "the Underground Railroad". She put out an online petition to help convince Zack to change the name. Zack has not yet announced if he plans to officially change the name.

In a recent video, Zack has said he might get rid of the whole Super Tunnel because of teleportation rights, and now the right to use third-party flying mods on the server. After the 1.8 update, the tunnel became dark and misty because of its closeness to bedrock, and therefore became mostly unused. After the 1.1 update, the bedrock fog was removed.


  • In earlier Zack Scott videos when he was constructing the Super Tunnel, Slimes kept annoying him. Eventually Zack disabled them from the server.
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