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Stanky Sally behind the counter of her famous bowling alley.

Stanky Sally is one of Scottland's oldest members. She has been around for as long as anybody can remember and has had many ex-husbands throughout that time. Sally has brought raunchy ol' joy to Scottland for generations. Currently, she works at Walmart.

Stanky Sally's Bowling Alley

Sally owns "Stanky Sally's Bowling Alley" overlooking the Raptor Bedazord. She found the bowling alley while wandering through Scottland, but made major renovations to It including turning the bathrooms in to unisex bathrooms and going green by running the bowling alley off the power on sex. In episode 851 she suggests to Brett that her bowling alley was all a dream.


  • Because of her dentures, Sally gives the best blow jobs.
  • She took her cats to get de-wormed last Tuesday.
  • She is an expert bowler.
  • She hasn't yet gone through menopause because she is very fertile.


  • "Read it, bitch!"
  • "That's my peepin' shower!"
  • "Way to mingle, baby."
  • "We don't need no dividers, this is a free country!"
  • "This is my secret room, don't follow me."
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