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Middletown, Ohio

Spintown (aka Spin) is a player on the Scottland Minecraft server and the former staff manager on Scottland Studios. He runs a songwriting contest called SpinTunes that Zack was a judge for. After Spin started watching ZackScottGames, he created @ZackScottSays. Spin bought Minecraft because of Zack's Minecraft series, and late in March of 2011 Zack asked Spin to join the server. He is well known for his Cobble Bitch, a colossal cobblestone box that goes from the maximum building height to bedrock, and his Pixel Museum. He recreated Mario Kart's Rainbow Road next to his Cobble Bitch, and recreated events from American Gladiators inside of the Cobble Bitch. His projects are known for being large, and very time consuming. He is against using most mods and cheats. Even though he's probably the richest player in Scottland, he gets it all from long hours of mining, exploring, and collecting. He is the current and only owner of SpinMart, which is basically all of his items that he trades for gold or other things. SpinMart was fully shown in Episode 273 - SpinMart. (Doopie killed SpinMart) He has been annoyed by many of the Minecraft updates. For instance when Notch made it possible to grow flowers with bonemeal. The new bow, bedrock fog, and endermen have all been issues that annoyed Spin. He is known for being partially colorblind. This was often shown in the museum, where he would confuse wool colors and Zack would mock his handicap. He is known to be under the protection of Mac (which means she won't destroy his buildings), as long as he advertises her destructive TNT services in Zack's videos. He is also the creator of the Scottland Studios parkour, which is known to make people cry.==Trivia==  *Spin won the werewolf game played on the zombie server, as seen in Scottland Extreme Drunk Werewolf *Spin was online while Toby Turner was visiting Scottland. (Seen in Toby's perspective, Minecraft - MULTIPLAYER - Part 7) *TheOrionSound wrote a song about his love of killing cats. *Spin kicked LDShadowLady's butt in a 1 on 1 battle in the Pixel Museum which caused her to rage quit. *He helped the men dominate the women in the first Capture The Flag video. This was also the last appearance of Rozz. The fact that Spin is known as the Grimm Reaper may or may not be a coincidence. (Seen in Minecraft - Episode 192 - Capture The Flag) *Tallman signed up to compete in SpinTunes 4. *He was one of the members that helped hunt & kill Seamus (SSoHPKC) when he came on the server.*He likes to welcome new members to Scottland by killing them. When Scottland became a creative server, this became a lot more difficult...but he usually finds a way. ==External Links==  *YouTube channel: Spintown7 *Personal Twitter: @Spintown *SpinTunes blog, Bandcamp & Twitter (@SpinTunes) *Google+ *Spintown*Buy SpinTunes Merch ==Quotes==  *"Welcome to Spintown everyone!" *"We have a Mac." *"He's not an addict anymore if he's dead." *"I assume you brought me here to kill Ninja?"*"It's not rape if you cum."*"Welcome to Scottland!"*"Someone kill the autistic kid."