The common Scottlandic Snow Golem

Snow Golems can be commonly found in Scottland. Due to the golems, parts of Scottland get covered in snow. Zack tends to kill the golems (possibly because they are asymmetrical). Because of Zack's murderous tendencies, which stretch from chickens, to players, and more, Mac and other players often try to kill Zack.

The snow golems have been known to take up many jobs around the world of Scottland, including lifeguards, shop keepers, training dummies, guards, slaves, and snowball machines. Snow Golems have flooded the Scottland snow reserve, and have rendered snow worthless.

There are also Snow Golem prostitutes in Scottland. One notable former Living Golem Prostitute was owned by Mac, but sadly, that one died in a fire giving a bad reputation for Snow Golems.

During one of the Christmas themed episodes there was a Christmas tree with a continuous loop railway under the tree, in which Mac's Snow Golem Boyfriends were riding on mine carts

The original Snow Golem Life Guard died after Zack use the /killall command on Snow Golem's to fix the overrun spawn.

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