Skull House
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Ashley's Skull House




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Ashleysmash and NinjaMarion

The Skull House is one of Ashley's many notable buildings in Scottland. The house itself, is made of sandstone, and has lava flowing from the eyes. The Skull House is located almost exactly straight out of spawn, and in the middle of the lake, near The Pagoda. It was created after the original Tree House and is still Ashley's primary base.


The original concept for the skull came from Zero Punctuation's review of Minecraft, in which he describes building a skull crying lava tears. The mouth of the skull is the main entrance into Scottland's first known underwater structure, made by first building the glass walls, then displacing the water with gravel and sand. The house originally consisted of a bed, fireplace, storage, crafting area, and a meadow with grass brought down from the nearby mountain, causing animals to frequently spawn there. There are two mineshafts, one connecting to the first and never-finished minecart station (abandoned after power rails were introduced), and the first mob trap, a zombie drowning room. There is a sprawling strip mine under the house that connects to Super Tunnel, Super Cave, Jennzillahhhh's home and other nearby locations. Mac and Jenny made their homes nearby, prompting the creation of the Evil Neighborhood Association. The pagoda was later built on the mountain behind the skull. There was once a pirate ship made by antyanthony in the area, before the institution of the rule against building within sight of other people's homes, but it was removed after he left the server for many months. There is now a canal through the mountain allowing boat passage to Zack and Clark's homes. Lizzie added a hot air balloon over the water between the Skull House and spawn.

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View of Scottland from inside the skull's mouth

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  • The Skull House is featured in the thumbnails of ZackScott's videos from episodes 200 to 300.
  • The skull was originally made of smooth stone. During a video, Ashley mentioned wanting to change it to sandstone, causing Zack to joke that NinjaMarion should take care of it. Deciding it would be funny to actually do it due to how ridiculous the request was, he then replaced all the stone with sandstone later that evening.
  • The skullhouse is one of Scottland's first buildings.
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