Sir Dredgery
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First Appearance:

Curse of the Pumpkin Prince - Part 1 - The Adventure Begins!





Knighted By:


Sir Dredgery is a troll librarian/brave knight who may sometimes go on an adventure with Zack and his friends, protecting Zack the whole way. He hails from The Morrowlands but ended up being raised by cats. Dredgery travels with his brother Excalipurr embodied in his sword after being cursed by a powerfu wizard. He and Excallipurr ride together on Dredgery's mighty pig steed.

Dredgery's loyalty to Zack started to weaken in their second adventure. This was probably either due to the fact that Mac got a corwn, making her his new master or because Zack was acting like a benvolent DICKtator towards Dredgery. In the end, Dredgery found a crown for himself, but Zack still saw him as a fool.

Dredgery found a pet dog in 'Minecraft - Curse of the Pumpkin Prince 2 - Part 1 - The Journey Home Intro' who he named The Zombie Devourer. Later, he changed It's name to Pip-pup. His dog disappeared soon after, but he got a new one who he called Pip-pup the II.

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