Scottland Welcome Center
The Welcome Center prior to the changes and renovations following Episode 800.





First Appearance:

Episode 11 - Goodbye Scottland?


Mainly ZackScott and AshleySmash

The Scottland Welcome Center is the spawn area in the server, and serves as the main hub for Scottland. It holds the record for the most greifed area on the server and as of Episode 679, it is still heavily used as a main community location for the residents of Scottland. Plans were made and the area was revamped into a more up-to-date and player friendly environment. This may include an enchanting area, brewing area, improved nether access. The Scottland Welcome Center now includes a Travel Agency. The works in progress for the new spawn replacement can be seen in Minecraft - Episode 679 - New Spawn Prototypes. The Welcome Center was then partly destroyed after Episode 805 - Outback Steakhouse (Final Episode).

Areas of note - Scottland Welcome Center:


The original location of the Welcome Center was in Evilmacaroon's area. However, Zack wanted the building in a mountain where bNoid was building. BNoid allowed Zack to build the Welcome Center in the mountain, where it is currently under construction. The welcome center was first featured in Episode 11 - "Goodbye ScottLand?" and was originally called "Scott Mining Welcome Center" as opposed to its current name "Scottland Welcome Center".


The Welcome Center has a doorbell nicknamed the "Bing-Bong", where a chicken used to inhabit it's inner workings.

The notes are 10 clicks, and 6 clicks. A tutorial on how to make it can be seen here.


  • The Welcome Center is the only major project in Scottland, other than the Underwater City and the Spiral Staircase, that is still in progress.
  • The original spawn point is on the beach where the Snow Golem Lifeguard works.
  • The original hub for Scottland was the Scott Mining Corporate Headquarters.
  • Zack's first shelter (a 4x4 dirt hut) was built on top of the mountain where the Welcome Center is built. It has since been replaced by the Daddy Bear's Cabin.
  • The Welcome Center is the starting point of all trails in Scottland.
  • The Welcome Center has been blown up many times. The latest explosion was for the New Year's 2012 Livestream, where, unbeknownst to Zack, the Welcome Center was rigged with TNT, and was eventually blown up when he dropped the New Years balls.
  • Plans were made to revamp the Welcome Center, but the plans and protoypes haven't been shown in an video since Episode 679.
  • The Welcome Center was changed into various different stores after Episode 805, but it was ultimately returned to it's natural shape by Zack.
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