Rule #4

Server Rules

The following rules apply to the entire server, no matter where you are located:

  1. No griefing, theft, or destroying others’ property, including public areas.
  2. No building within sight of others’ property without permission.∗
  3. No filming or releasing the server IP address.
  4. If evilmacaroon wants you gone, you’re gone!

∗In Nova Scottia, this rule is more relaxed, but please maintain a reasonable distance from others’ structures.

Nova Scottia Rules

The Nova Scottia province was created to give players a new experience that differs from what they can get in Scottland. Furthermore, we want to keep the original Scottland as the hub for pure creativity and fun. These rules only apply in Nova Scottia:

  1. No cheating, using hacks or mods, or using commands.
  2. No organized games or sports. (Examples include Werewolf, Capture the Flag, Spleefing, Arena battles, obstacle courses, basketball, or theme parks.)
  3. No structures incorporating pop culture, real-world history, or current events. (Examples include pixelart, media references, companies, products, modern architecture, celebrity likenesses, and memes.)
  4. No landmarks designed for historical or promotional purposes.(Examples include the National Archives, the Scottland Cemetery, and celebratory sculptures.)

Examples of Scottland structures that would not be allowed in Nova Scottia

  • Arena - Used for organized games or sports. Violates Rule #2.
  • Coffinshire - Contains pop cultural references and modern architecture. Violates Rule #3.
  • National Archives - Used for promotional purposes. Violates Rule #4.
  • Pixel Art Museum - Violates Rule #3.
  • Samland - Theme park that references the real-world. Violates Rules #2 and #3.
  • Scottland Cemetery - Used for Scottland historical purposes. Violates Rule #4.


There is no direct punishment for violating any of the Scottland Server Rules. Members will never be banned due solely to individual actions. Members are only banned once a subjectively sufficient amount of other members wish for their removal. ZackScott or ashleysmash will perform the final banning action only after hearing the opinions of other Scottland members.

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