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Scottland News ( @ScottlandNews ) is a twitter feed just popped up the week of 04/09/12. A tweet from them was seen in Episode 450. The tweet was "Breaking Rumors: @iWolfyyy has been spotted taking restroom breaks in the closest jungle please watch where you step. :-D" No one knows the origins of this "official officially unofficial news source for Scottland." However, the content appears to be mainly humorous rumors/news stories, player profiles, polls and Sites/Places of Scottland and Nova. No one on the server knows who created this account but are finding the antics funny, well except Spintown who blocked Scottland News just after three days for @mentioning him several times. Scottland News was featured on one of Brett's livestreams.

Regular Features:

Zackiquette # - Quirky things that ZackScott demands/wants/likes.

Breaking News - some news may be true, some may not, but it is good fun.

Breaking Rumors - rumors

Site of The Day - an area of the server gets featured

ZackScootWatch2012 (formerly ZackScottWatch2012) - Zack Scott Watch -

Weekly Polls - Usually shown on

Random Quote - Usually shown on

Dynmap Realizations - Random insights that they got from looking at the Dynmap.

User Profile - indepth look at a User on Scottland

Major Announcement/Announcement - announcements

Advert - anything can be an advertisement

Favorite Tweets -

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