ScottLand Flag





First Appearance

Episode 272 - Hijacked!


ZackScott and NinjaMarion

The Scottland Flag is a giant flag or marker created by Zack Scott in the earlier episodes of his Minecraft series. The flag is located just outside the Scottland Mining Corporate Headquarters next to Ashley's Clocktower, and it was originally just a single tall tower with red wool at the top so Zack could find his way back from exploring the server.

The Scottland National Flag is currently the glorious Dickflag. It was added to the server on October 18th, when Zack suggested on a video that NinjaMarion should make a new flag to replace the flag at Scott Mining Corporate Headquarters.

Gathering up a supply of hot pink wool, NinjaMarion proceeded to create the most ridiculous flag he could think of at the time, the Scottland Dickflag. The other server members wasted no time in embracing the Dickflag, resulting in its official adoption as the nation's flag.

In a recent video (Episode 345 ) the colour of the shaft and balls had been changed to obsidian black.

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