Scottland General
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First Aired:

October 6th, 2012

Number of Episodes:


Scottland General is the first scripted show set in Scottland. It takes place in Scottland General Hospital built by Mac and airs on theheartben's channel. The story revolves around some of the doctors at Scottland General Hospital, Dr. Mac, Terk, And Benzi.



  • Dr. Mac Beth - Voiced by evilmacaroon, Played by evilmacaroon, brettcm82, and Griffan
  • Terk Mason - Voiced by brettcm82, Played by brettcm82
  • Benzi - Voiced by DaneKevinCook, Played by Geoffrobro, drudigger, and ZanitorTv
  • Ashley - Voiced by ashleysmash, Played by brettcm82, Geoffrobro, and ZanitorTv
  • Michael Crowley - Played by Tasman
  • Deep distorded voice on phone - Voiced by drudigger
  • The Cat - Voiced by ZackScott, Played by a Minecraft cat
  • Beach Goer -Voiced by ThePhantomMence
  • Intro voice and Code blue voice - Voiced by theheartben
  • Misc. Testificates - Played by almost everyone and actual testificates
  • Concept, Camera, Editing - all the other stuff - theheartben
  • Skins made by - ashleysmash and theheartben
  • Music by - Giants

Main Characters

  • Dr. Mac Beth - A responsible doctor who always has to look over Dr. Scott and make sure he does his job.
  • Terk Mason - A woeld-class surgeon with excellent hearing who was transfered to Scottland General Hospital.
  • Benzi Marshall - A flamboyant intern who tries to socialize with the patients to make them feel better.
  • Ashley - A former lawyer and a recovering cancer patient who is in love with Dr. Mac.


  • "I baked cookieeees!" -Benzi
  • "Can you rub this lotion on my back?" -Unkown Beach-Goer
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