The Scottland Faction is a faction on Scottland Studios created by ZackScott.


Former Members


  • JayyCriss - Despite being raided by Scottlanders, JayyCriss ended up helping the Scottlanders in Episode 8, and was in the call with them.
  • karan987654321 - Gave Zack supplies. Zack stated that he was a friend.
  • 123_MAC_321 - Gave Zack a diamond pickaxe in return for the "Call it Off" book written by Lmac.

Major Enemies

  • Spintown - Spintown is an enemy, but still has a good relationship with the Scottlanders.
  • Lmac77 - Javier is an emeny, but still is good friends with the Scottlanders. The hit was later called off.
  • Hunters - Raided and destroyed the Scottland base completely. They then recorded it and uploaded the raid. One member was later banned for having "Full Bright", which is a modification not a hack(Both still violating Scottland Studio Rules). This caused controversy since many believed he was banned just because the mods wanted him to be. Mac later stated how the mods are "power hungry," and that she is sorry for their bad experience on the server. The user was banned by Lmac77, an Admin. When asked on Twitter, Zack said that he does not get involved with Bans, and to contact the Mods. Throughout the next episode, Mac strongly voiced her disapproval of the ban. She joked saying that if you have a slightly wrong thing, "you will be banned for 6 month; especially if you raid Scottland". The Hunters also raided the 3rd Scottland base.

Factions Raided

  • CapeDtann - Coordinates were given by JayyCriss. After breaking in, there was nothing good inside.
  • MinusObey - Sky base that included 17 diamonds and 5 emeralds.
  • Eclipse - Found by nwoozie and later raided by the Scottlanders. It had nothing good in it.
  • DeathWatch - Major base that was scouted out by Zack while invisible. Zack was caught, and blew the whole raid.
  • TRDiamonds - An underground base that turned out to be a bust.

More to be added soon.

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