Scott Mining Corporate Headquarters
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Entrance to the HQ




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First Appearance:

Episode 4 - A Whole New World


ZackScott, AshleySmash, Heytallman and many more.

The Scott Mining Corporate Headquarters was one of the first buildings in Scottland. The Scottland Flag is located next to it, though the flag was not built for several months. It has grown tremendously over the course of the almost 700 episodes of the running Minecraft series. It only has one branch in an NPC village in the desert, near the current construction of Zack's Underwater Glass City. It was a major mining location until the end of beta 1.3 (Episode 60).

Inside is the very first mining operation of Scottland. It's a very messy area, filled with random alcoves and caves that eventually lead to the notorious Super Cave that was a large maze (Before the /spawn command was added to Scottland, the Super Cave was severely dangerous for the posibility of getting lost). It also holds a small indent in the wall, where the first Nether portal was built, but was taken down since the Nether was not working in multiplayer yet. There are also halls that lead to tunnels to Ashley's treehouse and to the lava pools.

Scott Mining Corporate Headquarters also holds the very first storage room, which now lies empty. It was once the first communally shared storage area, until heytallman built the first "personal" chest there to store his diamonds. Later, a formal community storage center was built with many labeled chests, crafting tables and ovens, which most players used to deposit unwanted materials and take food. It fell out of use as players created their own homes and those maintaining supplies stopped doing so, but the room remains. The last, and probably most important, thing the Headquarters holds is the Spiral Staircase , Zack's most ambitious building project at the time. The Spiral Staircase was mainly constructed in Episode 9, which was a timelapse that many people complained made them dizzy. It has small tunnels leading to jennzillahhhh's and ashleysmash's homes, and areas that are now mostly abandoned or have been changed. The Spiral Staircase also leads down to what eventually became Super Tunnel . Zack finally finished his spiral staircase in a recent episode, after more than 500 episodes of it remaining abandoned and forgotten.

The Scott Mining Corporate Headquarters has been a "dead zone" for months. The sign in the Scottland Welcome Center leading to the HQ has been changed multiple times. Among other things, it has read "Scott Mining Corporate Ghosttown" and "Empty Propaganda Town".


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