Scott 2012 was created as a campaign by Lauren, also known as Trololinda, as an attempt to get back at Zack for the murder of ocelots and tamed cats during a livestream of Minecraft with the /butcher command. This was subtly inspired by Kony 2012 campaign, and used the same kind of sensibilisation. The movement grew really fast on Twitter. Loads of fans made posters and slogans to make sure the name "Zack Scott" would be known everywhere on the globe for his cruel cat killing activities.

So far, people have put signs all over Scottland to denounce Zack Scott's monstrosity. The propaganda must go on. We can't let this horrible cat murderer free. You can contribute by using #Scott2012 on twitter, or by liking and commenting on the official film campaign, which can be find on Lauren's Youtube channel. Direct link to the video here: Scott 2012 Campaign Film. Subscribe to her, and share. Scott must be arrested. We will not stop.

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