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Samland is a Minecraft amusement park created by Sam Seide. It was the first amusement park in ScottLand, featuring the first roller coasters. Samland was first mentioned in Episode 114 - SamLand Amusement Park, Zack also made his first interactive video on Samland, Episode 290 - Interactive SamLand, featuring the rides and points of interest. The cost to enter Samland is $70 per day for an all-access wristband.

The Nightmare

  • Entrance to The Nightmare
  • Line cue
  • Inside of The Nightmare
  • The outside of The Nightmare
  • A postcard made by Moesboy
A replica of a now defunct real indoor roller coaster that was in the amusement park Frontier City by the same name. The roller coaster is almost entirely enclosed in a big dark box where mobs can spawn on the tracks. The bottom of the coaster is covered with lava, adding to the excitement.

Mario Level 3-4

  • Make sure you don't fall down the gaps!
  • Outside view
A replica of level 3-4 of Super Mario Bros. In order to complete the level the player is first required to jump over harmless gaps, then player are given the choice to jump up and hit the gold block to collect coins, after the player has to jump over lava pits and avoid fire, just like a real Mario level. The player then walks over a glass platform where a fight with Bowser would take place, hits a switch, and then a sign saying the infamous phrase, "Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle." The player keeps walking and jumps out of a warp pipe and into the water.

Double Coaster Race

  • Double Coaster Race in the center
  • Quick! Press the button!
  • Oh, No! You took the longer track!
The Double Coaster Race is a roller coaster designed for two. There are various obstacles that adds to the excitement of who comes in first place, such as an area where your cart stops and you must press a button in order to start it up again. Players also sometimes cheat and break the track, thus almost guaranteeing a win for the cheater.

Pirate's Booty

  • Entrance to the Pirate's Booty
  • View from the top
The Pirate's Booty is a simple V-Shaped roller coaster which is, in some way or form, located in almost all real life amusement parks. The Pirate's Booty is Zack's second favorite ride, right behind The Nightmare. Only one person should ride it at a time or the results may be devastating. The ride causes most first riders to panic at the end, as the cart falls off the track, however, the cart safely falls onto more tracks and the rider is taken to the exit.

Glitch Coaster

  • Entrance to the Glitch Coaster
  • Overhead view
  • We're underwater!
  • Going down
  • and then back up
  • What's going to happen next?
A huge roller coaster that builds up to a drop which supposedly bugs the game for some players. Although Sam says it does, Zack has never crashed while riding the Glitch Coaster.

Tiny Coaster

The Tiny Coaster was one of the first coasters to be added to Samland. Despite it being so short, having an average ride time of 27 seconds, the back of the line cue has a 3 hour wait. The Tiny Coaster provides a quick view of most of Samland, with small dips and a small moment underground.

Shop on Top

  • A welcoming dining area
  • Would you like rare or medium-well?
The Shop on Top offers a fine dining experience for all of Samland's patrons. There is food for all tastes including fish, pork, steak, and all meats are offered in both rare and medium-well. The shop offers welcoming tables, great music, and a great view of all of Samland.


  • Souvenir Stand
  • Snowball Challenge
  • Shooting Gallery
The Gallery consists of a Souvenir Stand where you can buy "Crap that your kids will cry for if you don't buy it for them", an Arrow Shooting Gallery which recently got a lot more difficult due to updates in Minecraft, and a tedious Snowball Toss.

Deadly Bumper Boats

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Deadly Bumper Boats

Briefly mentioned in the interactive video, the Bumper Boatsare like regular bumper boats, except deadly. What makes it deadly is that riders all get stone swords and battle to the death. The center of the ride also has a lit nether rack block which may catch players on fire if they leave their boat.


While not officially a ride in Samland, the monorail provides a quick and easy way to get around to all of the attractions in Samland. This was added for the Episode 300 Download.

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