Research Center
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X:160, Y:80, Z:440

First Appearance:

Episode 301 - Research Center



The Research Center is a dual-purpose establishment built by crazykickasskate. Its lower area is dedicated to marine biology, and its upper area is dedicated to astronomy. After extensive research, Kate has discovered the squid are smarter than the residents of Scottland originally thought.

Kate has said that the building went up very fast, and Zack hadn't even done a video for it by Episode 300. This caused some confusion, as people who saw it before Episode 301 had no idea what the building was or who built it.

One of the branches extends to Kate's village area. Also, an underground passage connects to one of the buildings in Kate's village.
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Marine Biology Lab

Zack Scott has noted that the Research Center would look better if it were made of stone bricks rather than cobblestone, and he suggested that NinjaMarion should remake the entire thing. Zack did the same thing with ashleysmash's Skull House, and Ninja complied.

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