Pixel Museum
2011-12-30 00009





First Appearance

Episode 115 - Pixel Museum



The Pixel Art Museum was created by Spintown. It originally started small, with only a few pixel arts inside, however it was later expanded. Spin had help from various players at times, their only pay being the materials they found. It started with only Mega Man and a green colored Mario (due to Spintown's partial colorblindness and lack of block variation). Today the Pixel Art Museum is home to many different sprites from 8 or 16 bit games (with a few exceptions) from many different consoles such as the NES or the Atari 2600. Much of its artistic splendor had been lost due to the bedrock fog added to Minecraft Beta 1.8.1. After the 1.1 update, the bedrock fog was removed...but light still doesn't work correctly at bedrock.
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