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PeggyPunkinjunk was a member of Scottland. She was never introduced in a video. She was banned from the server.

Mafia Connection?

Peggy was a known prostitute, and may have had ties to both the mafia and high levels of Scottland government. Unsealed confidential documents show that she was last seen preparing to entertain an official under investigation. The official story is that she tripped while grinding on a diplomat and fell into the large fireplace. From these top secret photos it is obvious Peggy was not at this party by her own will. We can only guess what Peggy knew. She may still be out there, to this day. Scottland national law officers say she may be the boss of the mafia, but that isn't likely. She may still be out there, to this day. Just not on Scottland... is she dead or missing? Well one thing's for sure, in Scottland she doesn't exist anymore! (or does she?) Scottland may never know!

Drug Addiction?

Peggy was known to smoke high levels of Red Mushrooms When she first joined the server, she claimed that she only smoked red mushrooms because brown ones "remind her too much of black people". This was but one of the reasons why Mac wanted her banned. She only lasted 17 minutes on the server, breaking the Scinnes Land Record for shortest time on the server.

Peggy has a sister, PrudencePunkinJunk, who frequents Daddy Bear's Cabin, and is known to get just a little bit freaky .

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