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Episode 396 - Emergency British Meeting


Orion Music

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Olirulz_747 (aka Oli, Oil) is a British player on the Scottland Minecraft server. He is also commonly known as Emperor Robot Hitler Gandhi Jesus Walrii McPoshtwat.

He was added to the server on the 18th of February, 2012. He was already a friend of LDShadowLady, Twoface240, Crazykickasskate, and ex-husband to Mmp2011.

BedStealer skin

what he relly is

Olis house

The Scottland Ball Palace

He is also a fan of oil, especially petroleum.

Will and Beth are awesome. They're his bros, yo.

A musician, internet star, and lover of women, Oli is a man's man.

also on 4/22/12 he ammented to being "touched" by George (AKA twoface240).

The Bedstealer

Hints were shown that Oli was The Bedstealer like in Episode 405-The Hideout for the Bedstealer under the grave yard had a tunnel pointing to Oli's house and the gamertag in episode 408.They also never are in the same place at the same time and Oil always leves before The Bedsteler arives.

In episode 415 the origin of the Bedstealer was reveled. When Oil and George found a secret office building called B.I.A. they quickly showed Zackscott where they found a bed symbol on the floor and bed power tecnology up stairs. They found out they were testing bed power on people. Oil got into a big bed (that could cause death) and told Zack to throw the swithch. Oil disapered and Zack and Twoface said never to talk about this again.

After that Oil reappered several episodes later but developed a split personality and eventally a new account forThe Bedstealer.

The Bedstealer has creater such thing like The BattleBed, The Bedazord, The BedTrain, BedLand(scrapped), BedTroplis, BedVille(coffinshire), The BedDrill, The BedBoat, The BattleBed 2, and BedProbe.


Oli has a YouTube channel where he writes his own music. His best song to date is one entitled 'You', which was written for Spintunes. He has somehow managed to last up to round 3.


It kind of makes him look like a homosexual hedgehog. Also, he has very mouse-like features. The hair shouldn't be abl

A fan art of Olirulz 747.

e to poof so much in the middle... yet it does. It defies gravity.

The Dark Citadel of Oli, pre-obsidian

This Land

He was previously a member of This Land where he built a big, beautiful obsidian thing at spawn. It was so beautiful, that everyone decided it would be better being moved somewhere where people could not see it very easily, except for Beth, who had to put up with it a lot. She didn't complain though, because she is practically a saint.

While on the server, he fell in love with a beautiful maiden named Mason. It was beautiful. Oli even began to write a novel about her. The novel was never finished.

Creeper Union

Creeper Union 2

Oli was previously a member of Creeper Unionserver(specifically Creeper Union 2 and Elderquest). On CU2, Oli was muicey's sexual partner in the TARDIS. Some called him "Amy Pond" for a time. {C


The wedding of Oli and Michaela


On CU: Elderquest, Oli built a kinky battlestation. Oli lusted after Kelly, but never attained her love. Rumors were spread of a secret entrances to mmp2011's love chambers. These rumors were never proven (except for when compromising photos were leaked to the public). After this dirty laundry was aired, Oli and mmp2011 got married, and much sick dancing and nasty sex was to be had by all involved. Sadly, after Oli came back from vacation, he was heartbroken to find Michaela in the incestuous bed of muicey, the Azn Doctor. Divorce swiftly followed this tragedy, and Oli never returned to Creeper Union...until he did.


  • "Puny mortal, bow to me - where are you going?"
  • " the BATTLE BED."
  • "The bed stealer does not allow hacks..."
  • [upon seeing rotten flesh] "Oh, my favourite!"
  • "BEDSTEALER AWAY!" [Olirulz 747 hit the ground too hard]
  • MHA


  • He can be affected by the machine.
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