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Oklahomac State Fair
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Oklahomac State Fair (OK State Fair) was made by Mac, and was built to be a replica of the real Oklahoma State Fair, after experiencing it with Zack and Ashley in real life.

Featured rides:

  • The Blowjob Ferris Wheel
  • Chicken, Flesh & Melon on a Stick Stands
  • Mac's Coaster of Doom
  • Cyclone Sam Seide
  • Dunk Tank
  • The Tunnel Of Love
  • Freak Show

Blowjob Ferris Wheel Edit

The Blowjob Ferris Wheel was built by Mac as a part of the OK State Fair. Upon entrance into the OK State Fair, there is a large ferris wheel on the left. It is made of cyan and magenta wool, glass, gold, iron, glowstone and stone slabs.

It is notable for having a specified area where people receive blowjobs at the top.

Zoey Pixel Art

Mac's Christmas present from Adam is located on the fairgrounds: a giant Persian kitten head that kind of looks like Zoey

Gallery Edit

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