The Noob Trilogy is Episodes 1-3 of the Minecraft series, and it is the period when Zack is a complete noob, and deaths are very frequent (2.3 deaths/episode).

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Episode 1

Due to popular demand, Zack tries Minecraft for the first time and with no clue what to do, roams the landscape. He casually kills harmless animals and collects flowers. Later, he finds himself exploring a cave, where he is attacked by a creeper, accidentally eats a porkchop in his inventory, and is killed by another creeper.

Episode 2

Continuing directly after Episode 1, Zack curiously approaches a creeper and dies. He would find himselves being killed several more times by monsters, frustrated every time, and complaining about the difficulty of the game (without weapons). Zack temporarily builds a hole to hide but digs up, and is killed by a zombie/skeleton duo while messing around with the 2x2 crafting grid.

Episode 3

After sunrise, Zack is attacked by mobs and dies, but shortly afterwards, the feature of placing blocks is a sensation for him. That did not change his mind a lot and he continues to mess with the 2x2 crafting grid. As this is the last episode in the Noob Trilogy, Zack leaves to learn the mechanics of Minecraft.


Episode 4 and beyond

In Episode 4, Zack shows extreme progress between Episodes 3 and 4, he says the phrase, "I am playing Minecraft, without being a baby about it, I am totally playing Minecraft!" He will not die accidentally until Episode 8.

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