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First Appearance:

Episode 399 - Nintendoland


Evilmacaroon and Tristenseide

Nintendoland is a theme park that was built by Mac, Adam , Zack and Sam. Zack has been calling it "The Crown Jewel of Scottland", and it was revealed in Episode 399, an interactive video. It was time-released in conjunction with Sam's game Zack vs Spiders and had been kept a secret until the day before the 400 download.

NES Controller Coaster

The coaster starts on a controller, goes through the entertainment system, and comes out on the other side. Beside it is a cartridge with Zack's face on it. Inside the coaster are compasators, resistors and circuits.

TV, Suites, and Offices

The TV features the game created by Samuel called Zack vs Spiders. Inside the TV, there are suites and offices.

Donkey Kong Game

The Donkey Kong Game is a 2 player game created by Samuel. One player plays the role of Jumpman and tries to make it to the top, while the other plays the role of Donkey Kong and sends carts down the track for the other player to avoid. The way it is built is a very clever stimulation of the barrels and racing to the finish from the original game, though as minecarts reach the bottom of the stage, they will become stacked along the edge of the playing area. Beside the game is a pixel art of Donkey Kong.

Yoshi's Tongue Monorail

Yoshi's Tongue Monorail is a minecart track that goes around the entire park, starting at the Yoshi pixel art.

Excitebike Track

The track is 4 player minecart race that mimics the layout of the first level of Excitebike. With the current state of Minecraft physics, the tracks containing more hills and obstacles will actually slow down the person using the said track more than those with less.


Although Frogger is not Nintendo property, it has made appearances on Nintendo systems, and Samuel really wanted to build it. It is a near-perfect replica of the original stage in Frogger.


The plaza features Link's Sword shop, restrooms, Mario's Grilled Yoshi Rumps, and Luigi's World Famous Rotisserie Birdos, and a photo booth where you can buy a picture that was taken at the entrance.

Peach's Castle

Also known as the crown jewel of Nintendo Land, the castle is a replica of the Princess castle from Super Mario 64. If you go through some of the paintings in the castle, you will fall down into water, simulating traveling to another world. You will then have to go through the tunnels to get to the exit, which is a green tube from Mario. Other paintings have a nether portal inside them because it would be impossible to build a drop that went into the tunnels without having it interfere with another room.

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