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NinjaMarion is the current Scottland janitor. He got invited to the server at around the same time as crazykickasskate, mmp2011, and hippid. He was added to the server for his incredible amount of activity in the comments of Zack's Minecraft videos, often answering frequently asked questions and correcting mistakes made by well-intentioned but misinformed viewers, with a sense of snark and sarcasm often misconstrued as offensiveness.

Despite being on ZackScott's server for quite a long time, Ninjamarion has had little to no screen time in most of Zack's videos due to mostly playing late at night, after Zack would record for the day. Off camera, however, NinjaMarion spends most of his time doing small tasks for Zack Scott, working on his pixel art, responding to comments on Zack's videos, or reading Cracked.

He's affectionately referred to by true fans as "Ninja".

Ninja has also made himself incredibly useful by aiding fans in the downloading of the maps released by Zack Scott, often creating step by step guides and tutorials.

Ninja inadvertantly coined the term Pegascissoring during a Livestream run by Shayded.

On June 12, 2012; he moved to Australia and moved in with former player JustinMcDonaldDP. In 2013, he apparently he has then moved back to America according to Zack and KrystlsWonderlnd.


Ninjamarion's addition to the server marks the first time viewer with only fan connections to Scottland has been added to the server. However, Ninjamarion's story is one that is difficult to emulate. As an avid ZackScott fan, Ninjamarion has been watching the videos on ZackScottGames since he started the channel. Looking to become involved in the community, Ninjamarion participated in as many ways as he could by signing up for Dailybooth and becoming a judge on bNoid's Werewolf forum.

For the longest time, there was some confusion if NinjaMarion was a male or female, due to the fact he never appeared on Skype during a lot of his time on the server.

YouTube Comments

NinjaMarion can prominently be seen in the comments of many of Zack's videos discussing the content, correcting misinformation, answering viewer questions, and yelling at trolls.

Server Activity

NinjaMarion is also known for building pixel art around his home on the server, in direct competition of Spintown's Pixel Art Museum. Fans often prefer Ninja's pixel art due to his tendency to build more modern, recognizeable characters than Spintown.

Ninjamarion also creates joke buildings to add to Scottland's lexicon of inside jokes. Among these buildings are ScottLand's first (and currently, only) sex shop, the Zack Scott Dildoporium, and the Cake Cake Cake Bakery.

Scottland Janitor

Due to his tendency to fix broken things, Ninjamarion has gained a reputation for being Scottland's janitor. A running gag in Zack's video is that anytime something is amiss during a video, Zack will say "Ninja, fix that." Ninja occasionally does fix "that", however more often than not, it's nothing more than a running joke.


NinjaMarion also runs, a comedy website which used to be updated with humor articles about various pop culture subjects. The website, while still online, seems to have been neglected.


  • "I hate you / I hate you all."
  • "That's what SHE said."
  • "... just to piss off the viewers" - When explaining motivation behind doing certain things.
  • "Holy shit, that's some badass finger-painting."
  • "How long have I been on mute?!"

Pixel Art

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