The New Years Celebration of 2012 occured outside of spawn next to the Sex Jacuzzi where the monthly 'art'/statue is placed on Episode 346. For the New Year Mac built a giant penis on top of a stone shaft that held Justin Beibers balls.

Connected to the 'structure' high in the air were 9 fireworks built by Adam (swimmingbird941) that, supposedly when Zack pulled the lever to drop the balls, would detonate in that beautiful color of gray TNT powder.

Because most everything was rigged by Mac she, of course, rigged an 'extra supprise'. The lever didn't actually do anything the players of Scott Land were expecting it to do.

Manually, the balls dropped to the bottom of the structure flawlessly and the fireworks detonated. The switch, however, went all the way to the Scott Land Welcome Center where Mac and Adam had laid down TNT under the floor. They placed the TNT 5 or so minutes before Zack started recording in the Gay Bath House which was where he was standing, AFK.

The 2 outlaws succesfully placed TNT without being seen and made it out alive. Later, when Zack was pulling the lever thinking he was triggering Justins balls and fireworks, Zack was actually destroying spawn. When Zack discovered this he was ticked off because BigBrother wasn't working at the time.

In the end Zack was able to fix spawn with the daily back-up and Justin finally dropped his balls. I still refuse to listen though.

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