Scottland School of Magic
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First Appearance:

Episode 373 - The Magic Begins


Sicknessxo, Padennn, TotallyBubbles

Netherwarts School of Magic was a proposed establishment to be built in Scottland. In Episode 356, Zack said he would hire Moesboy to build it.

The project has been taken over by Padennn, Sicknessxo and TotallyBubbles. It is near Ashley's Treehouse. The building materials are a mix of stone bricks, stone, and cobblestone. The building stands between two location at the west side of the Scottland Welcome Center.

The library is located downstairs in the building. It contains a restricted section that they considered making the porn section of the library. It would contain good porn, bad porn and Zack's porn.

Black Magic at the Newly Constructed School of Magic

As of January 30th, 2012, the S.S.M. was the site of an incident in the grand hall where in an instant, SwimmingBird and sicknessxo used blood to bring Loganschill to the School of Magic. It is still very vague what actually happened, but Zack was surprised to have a person appear to the site. As of that date, we do not know what happned with Lauren at the site, but it is also clear that this was magic. SSM was proposed a few episodes back.

The Classrooms

Netherwarts School Of Magic Current Staff
Professor Field of Study Floor
Spintown* Slave Running 1
ThePhantomMence Potions 1
swimmingbird941 Spell Dueling 2
Padennn Fortune Telling 3
Ashleysmash Transfiguration 4
ZackScott Beastiality Mastery 5
Mysterious Unclaimed Room see below 6
Evilmacaroon Evil Spells 7
Moesboy Herbology & Spirituality Roof
  • It is noted that Spintown is a visiting professor, which means you may only get into the Slave Running class for a limited amount of time. So, please, sign up now!

History of the Mysterious Unclaimed Room

It has been said that some twisted evil dark crafting took place on this floor. The staff of Netherwarts refuses to move any of their rooms to this floor because of a curse that has been placed by the professor, who shall not be named, who ruled over the floor. There are rumors running about on Scottland that this floor was being used to create a evil monster, something that could end Scottland as we know it. Luckily, the students of the professor, who shall not be named, figured out what was going on and sought out a hero to save their land. They all travelled to Coffinshire to gain an important key to the plan. That key was the only underground wizard that Scottland has that was powerful enough to stop the wretched deed. The students went and found PeterCoffin and told him what was happening, he reluctantly accepted the quest and stopped all his current projects in Coffinshire to rid Scottland of whatever lurks on Floor 6. Peter gained access to the school at dark when one of the students let him in through a dorm room window. He slowly crept up the steps of the Class Tower and got to Floor 6. Not many records tell what aspired next, but we do know Peter almost drained himself out of life and soul. He was muttering when the students found him, something to do with a large black dragon, the rest couldn't be deciphered. This is the main reason Peter has not been seen as often as before, he is just simply resting and regaining his strength for when the End is near....

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